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  1. How to calculate CRC? GX Works 3 / FX5

    I understand that it's slower than your method, but don't have the knowledge to get it to work with xmodem. I tried, but gave up since there was a simpler option. :) It seemed that I kinda got hang of it how it works on CRC16-modbus, how that "1001" bit sequence is "moved" with one position in all those M8-M15 with different hex-values (240-9000 and 2001)...  
  2. How to calculate CRC? GX Works 3 / FX5

    http://www.sunshine2k.de/articles/coding/crc/understanding_crc.html Read some info from there and decided to replicate that table routine with FB... Seems to be working at least some values:   Seems to take some ms to run, but at least it works. :)  
  3. How to calculate CRC? GX Works 3 / FX5

    That would be nice ;)
  4. How to calculate CRC? GX Works 3 / FX5

    Ok. thanks for the help! I will figure it out someday. :) CRC isn't that much in my interest, just have to calculate it since these RFIDs uses it. I think I could live without it in this project, but there isn't any way to turn it off..
  5. How to calculate CRC? GX Works 3 / FX5

    Sadly I can't and Google Translate didn't help that much either.. XMODEM didn't seem to be that much harder to you. :D Any change you could share that/those example(s) too? ;)
  6. How to calculate CRC? GX Works 3 / FX5

    Heh.. And since I don't have a clue how that works and why it uses H2001 and those other hexanumbes, I might just do it in ST.. :D    
  7. How to calculate CRC? GX Works 3 / FX5

    Ok, so D0 = 2 and D1 = H0012 & D2 = H0034 gives me K4M0 HC70C. And that crccalc.com gives  1234 = 0xC70C Seems to work, so maybe just need to figure out how to change that polynom.. :)    
  8. How to calculate CRC? GX Works 3 / FX5

    Well, found a demo and transfered your project to GX Works 3. Now if I input D1 = H0012 and D0 = 1, I get K4M0 = H4D3F running in FX5. And https://crccalc.com/ gives 0x4D3F for CRC-16/MODBUS when input is 12 / Hex. But didn't get any right results with anything above 1 for D0. Maybe I will figure it out some day, this was just a quick test. Thanks! :)
  9. How to calculate CRC? GX Works 3 / FX5

    It seems that I don't have GX Developer nor license to it, could you print that project to pdf or take screenshots from it? :)
  10. How to calculate CRC? GX Works 3 / FX5

    Hmm.. I have mainly used FBD but not for this kind of calculations. Not sure how that would be more effective to do without bit shifting since I think all examples I found have been done that way. :) I got those RFID readers today and configured them to RS485 bus so I can start testing. Well, not really releated to CRC-calculation but anyway.. :D
  11. How to calculate CRC? GX Works 3 / FX5

    Thanks! It seems that I need CRC16-XMODEM, really didn't know that there is so many of different algorithms. :) Have to dig a little deeper, seems that it's easiest to use ST-language.
  12. Hi, I'm trying to use RFID reader connected to FX5 via RS485, but it needs CRC to it's transmission protocol.  I know that GX Works 3 has CRC instruction, but the problem is that it uses CRC-16 and I need CRC-CCITT. Polynomials are CRC-16 "X16 + X15 + X2 + 1" vs "X16 + X12 + X5 + 1" for CRC-CCITT. Any idea if there is a easy / efficient way to implement this, or would it be easier to generate a table for CRCs? I think I will have something like 50-100 different messages... Thanks!
  13. Positioning with FX5U and FX5-40SSC

    They should appear when you add  FX5-40SSC to Module Configuration.. I'm using FB-language and have these in Element Selection -> Module:
  14. Thanks, didn't know this kind of tool existed. It was a bit extreme solution, but worked after continuing to Step 2.. Got the 1.053F installed, now just need to install the rest.  
  15. Hi! Tried to install GX Works 3 v1.053F, previous version was 1.040S. I got a BSOD when installing it, and now my GXW3 says version is 1.00A. Uninstall from Control panel says ”Other language product has already been installed. Please install GX Works3 again after uninstalling the installed product.”  and if I try to intall 1.053, it says the same thing. Any ideas what's "the correct way" to remove or repair this? Thanks!