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  1. HMI - Managing I/O Field behavior

    Thank you!  Those are great ideas.  Dale
  2. HMI - Managing I/O Field behavior

    You're right, I can use Function keys to modify I/O field values in Output mode, but there's a problem.  This HMI (KTP400 Color) screen contains several I/O fields.  In Input/Output  or Input mode, the operator can select one of them by tapping the screen, but then the on-screen keyboard pops up.  In Output mode though, there's no way for the operator to select which I/O field to modify because in Output mode they can't receive focus by tapping the touch screen. What I would like is for the operator to be able to select one of several I/O fields by tapping it, and then not have the on-screen keyboard pop up -- instead modify the field value up/down using a couple of Function keys.  Is this possible? Thanks, Dale
  3. Hi.  Is it possible set an I/O Field, in input or input/output mode, to not pop up the on-screen input keypad? Most of the time the keypad is useful, but in this case I want the machine operator to use function keys instead to increment/decrement motor RPM values during runtime.  I'm using an S7-1200 PLC & KTP400 Basic HMI. Thanks in advance. Regards, Dale