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  1. GT21 Slider value at power-up

    Thanks, I'll give that a go.
  2. GT21 Slider value at power-up

    I am using a GT21 with an FX3G PLC. I have a slider that is set to 0-100 linked to D5 in the PLC. When the machine is powered on I need it to recall the previous setting of the slider. At the moment the slider returns to zero, and sends the value to the PLC. I can't find any mention in any documentation about preserving settings if power is removed.
  3. E1012 to GOT2000 conversion

    Thanks for the response. I wasn't aware there was such a tool! Any idea where I can get it from? All that came with my GT Designer 3 was  GT Converter 2, which seems to be for converting between releases of GT Designer (it doesn't recognise .mpa E-Series files), and I can't find anything on the Mitsubishi website.
  4. E1012 to GOT2000 conversion

    I have been working with a Mitsubishi FX3G with an E1012 HMI (an inherited design from a previous engineer), doing nothing more than displaying status messages based on the state of several PLC internal relays using blocks. The operator keys on the HMI have never been used. As the E1012 is now end of life, I have gone with the Mitsubishi recommended replacement of the GT1023.  I have manged to get the GT1023 working with the PLC, but after several days with GT Designer 3 and the manual my brain hurts! What I want to do is display the appropriate message for each of several internal relays on the PLC (M100-140 inclusive). So far I have set up 40 separate Bit Comment objects and just put them one on top of the other on the screen. This seems to me to be very messy and over complicated, and trying to find the objects buried under each other on the design screen is virtually impossible. I am sure there must be a simpler way to achieve what I am after, but I can't find it.  In normal computer programming it would be something like an 'if - then' statement, or some sort of lookup function e.g. If M112 then print "Message 112". Any advice?
  5. Can't send comments to PLC

    Thanks Wasan, downloading the parameter first did the trick!
  6. Can't send comments to PLC

    It is ticking the box that is producing the error message.  
  7. Can't send comments to PLC

    I have an FX3G-40M and have written a fairly simple program in GX Developer. It has 388 steps and all devices are commented. The program loads without any problem, but I get an error  "Upload or Download is not possible when Data exceeds capacity of the memory cassette..." when I try to send the comments. I have changed the value for comments capacity in the PLC Parameters all the way up to 15 but it still won't load. At a value of 15 Blocks it states 750 Points. What is a 'point'? Is it a character?