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  1. RXDU

    There are two responses I get from the unit: one is 020D and the other is an ACK or NAK with no end code. When I set the unit with either end code or no of bytes I never see anything in the received buffer 
  2. RXDU

    Thanks for the reply. Yes Unit 3. I currently have &1 set for N in the RXDU. I did try the 1585 previously and still nothing displayed/change in D7050. I also have the port setting: No-Protocol Number of receive data bytes set to 1 also and I can modify this to get my completion flag to rise. Therefore I know this is working as expected
  3. RXDU

    Sorry Upload of code keeps failing
  4. RXDU

    control word 1 #0001 control word 2 #6113 received word D7050 and A202.6 and 1584.6 in loginc 
  5. RXDU

    I am currently using the TXDU & RXDU command on a CS1. I have the TXDU functioning without any concerns. I am having difficulty seeing the received data (expected ACK  06). I can see the Reception Counter with the expected Nos of Bytes but when the RXDU is executed the count clears and no data in the allocated destination word D7000. I currently have the RXDU set up with no start or end code and the completion flag is used for the correct number of bytes. I have also tried this using a different command which has a response of 2 bytes including end code 0D. Set up the serial settings to match, using the end code and I get the same issue. The RXDU is executed but no change of data in the Destination Word. expected 020d Any advise much appreciated. What am I missing, ripping my hair out!! Thanks