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  1. Inconsistent MES-PLC connection

    The MES software is called workbench.  It should be downloaded from your software portal. Not sure if you IT dept. will allow you to connect to view the logs maybe they can export them for you to view. Again, with not fully understanding the setup - according to the course-ensure that you have a good switch (which I believe you said you did,  my main concern was a switch vs. a hub), a dedicated Ethernet module, which you said was on order.   Some other points noted in the class will require you to check your scan times and triggers.  The MES module can overloaded when either reading/writing to a SQL database - which you will just basically loose data (maybe it appears as a connection issue).  You will likely need to spend time performance tuning. I'm still learning myself, hope this helps you.  
  2. Inconsistent MES-PLC connection

    Maybe I'm not understanding your setup fully... You have the  Q03UDECPU  and the MESIT module on the same rack but you're communicating over Ethernet instead of the back plane? Also, according to Mitsubishi, the Ethernet port on any CPU is not intended for anything other than "Light" work.  If you are using the port for large data transfers/communication you might want to consider a dedicated Ethernet module. I'm assuming that when you way that you're loosing the network that the MESIT module is faulting out? If that is the case you may need to look into your scan times, and use some on demand triggers. As for t/s networking connectivity, if you have a manageable switch (sorry, didn't look up your model) you can mirror the ports and put Wire shark on it. Just some brainstorm ideas here, disregard if I didn't understand your questions fully.