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  1. FX-USB-AW Driver

    Thanks for the help guys, i managed to get it sorted this morning. Rookie mistake. I kept trying to get the program out of a sub folder. I just needed to specify the entire disk E.   
  2. FX-USB-AW Driver

    I have tried. It just keeps saying "Windows was unable to install you FX-USB-AW   Windows could not find the driver for your device."
  3. FX-USB-AW Driver

    Thanks Gambit i have tried installing it from the CD and i have also tried version 1.70. Unfortunately it wont let me install anything simply stating "can not find driver"  Trevor Davies
  4. FX-USB-AW Driver

    Thanks Kaare_t  I have attached a photo of the cd.   
  5. FX-USB-AW Driver

    Hi all i am new to this thread i am having issues installing the fx-usb-aw drive onto my laptop (windows 10 64bit) i have tried downloading the driver from the CD and from online. My issue is that every time i go to device manager. i can only see the cable under "Other Devices". when i tell it to use the driver specified under the "easysocket usbdriver" in the programs under C drive or on the cd. it will state. "not able to find driver."  any help would be much appreciated  thank you