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  1. SLC 5/04 timer pre

    Thank you for your reply.  I will look into using a counter set up or running 2 timers.  Seems like rslogix500 will take some getting used too. 
  2. SLC 5/04 timer pre

    Hi all I am brand new to rslogix500 I am a little confused as to the maximum value that can be placed into TON pre and acc. Being 16bits it should be 65535 how ever my current program has 32767 will increasing the value cause a problem. I cant see why you would want to have a negative number in a timer. Look forward to your reply Trevor
  3. S7-1200 timer

    using global memory fixed it thank you  
  4. S7-1200 timer

    Hi All I am struggling to get a TON in TIA v15 to work properly (s7_1212). I have tried reading what i can but still dont understand why what i have is not working.  I have attached a screen shot. I am trying to achieve a bit that is active for 1 scan cycle and resets every second. Coil1 is just staying active however and not resetting the timer.  What i have written works in Connected Components Workbench and other plc software i have used. What am i doing wrong? Thank you in advance. Trevor  
  5. FX-USB-AW Driver

    Thanks for the help guys, i managed to get it sorted this morning. Rookie mistake. I kept trying to get the program out of a sub folder. I just needed to specify the entire disk E.   
  6. FX-USB-AW Driver

    I have tried. It just keeps saying "Windows was unable to install you FX-USB-AW   Windows could not find the driver for your device."
  7. FX-USB-AW Driver

    Thanks Gambit i have tried installing it from the CD and i have also tried version 1.70. Unfortunately it wont let me install anything simply stating "can not find driver"  Trevor Davies
  8. FX-USB-AW Driver

    Thanks Kaare_t  I have attached a photo of the cd.   
  9. FX-USB-AW Driver

    Hi all i am new to this thread i am having issues installing the fx-usb-aw drive onto my laptop (windows 10 64bit) i have tried downloading the driver from the CD and from online. My issue is that every time i go to device manager. i can only see the cable under "Other Devices". when i tell it to use the driver specified under the "easysocket usbdriver" in the programs under C drive or on the cd. it will state. "not able to find driver."  any help would be much appreciated  thank you