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  1. Mitsubishi PID controller design help

    like what problems share something so that i can give some solutions.
  2. Mitsubishi PID controller design help

    For this purpose read the PID command in FX3u programming manual. there are 26 registers that you should have to known for proportional and Derivative controls for this.. you have to initialize the registers before using the command . for your reference i am attaching the image for it.
  3. fx3U-485ADP-MB

    Dear All I am new to plc. i want to communicate a device with plc. the device is icp con module (i7055 ) which is DO/DI of 8 channels.. i want to send some command from plc to the module for DI. the device output is RS-485. but device protocol is DCON . i have FX3u-48m with RS232-bd and second FX3u-485ADP-MB.   can someone guide me the procedure or the key point how can i do that . as there is no information in the FX3u-485adp-MB manual . Kindly help me out for life saving.
  4. help with GSM modems and Mitsubishi

    hi tixi... i didnot find the example. kindly share your example. as now a days . i working on mitsubishi plc parameters send by sms through gsm module then on receiving end received it through gsm module on pc and trend , report package . kindly guide me . through this .
  5. PID TUning

    can anybody tell me tricks to tune a PID process in mitsubishi plc . .

    i have done in weintek hmi .. if you want then i can help out.  
  7. PID Command Explaination

    can anybody explain the pid command for me .. it will be great for really help.   i am confusing the 25 registers used in pid loop.. as i cant understand it. s3+0 bo and b1 how can i used the bits of a register. on which register i can control the error between set value and process value. how can i control the error difference between set value and process value. for example if set value is 5.5bar for a process and process value is 4.5 then value should be relative option depending on error
  8. MELSEC FX2N 48m plc PID programming

    0to 500 what.... and output with pid? kindly clear your question
  9. PLC Mitsubishi High Speed Counting

    Dear friends, I want to calculate the flow with the help of a flow sensor that has 650 pulses per litre. My question is that can i do that with the help of plc FX1N ? can plc count such fast pulses and how .. need some help

    thanks alot friends, for helping me out. i will try to do that .. thanks alot .. i will arrange a HMI with two ports .. thanks dear

    hi.   Can i connect two plc mitsubishi with one hmi . is so .. can u guide the connection between them . Hmi is of weintek.  one plc is FX1S and the second is FX2n
  12. Analog Scaling Problem

    hi there. i am using FX2n-4AD for measuring the volume of tank in litres. The problem is that litres tank can hold is 10,000 .  and card resulation is max 1000 digital value for 20ma. so conversion factor 10, 000 / 1000  = 10liter for one digital raw value . which is much more as program will read for multiple of tens factor.. can any other solution for this problem with the same hardware  
  13. i am new in plc programming . i know the basics difference between the rs232, rs422, rs485. but i am little bit confused in it. so i have the following question regarding these terms. 1.  can these protocols communicate with each other i mean rs232 can communicate with rs422 or rs485 and same. 2. my plc has port rs422  but i can connect it with my laptop serial port which is rs232 ? 3. what are the main important points that kept in mind during communication or cross communications.   any help will be greatly appreciated.

    https://eu3a.mitsubishielectric.com/fa/en/mymitsubishi/download_manager?id=9595   check out the link it will help you out
  15. Minimizing OR function

    can you share your program picture