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  1. Ethernet IP

    I went to a site that has 2 micrologics 1100 on a network. ip addresses ending 100 and 101. RS links detects both nodes. I was able to go online with 101 through ethernet IP. i had no sucess with 100. i could get acess with serial port. all com settings for ch1 are identical for both plc,s except ip address of course. The plc,s are communicating to each other using the msg instruction and this is working properply. I was able to do all required tasks over the serial port was wondering if the msg instruction takes over the port, but i could get coms to plc2 any ideas.
  2. Citech V5.2

    I recently inherited a site that is running Citech V5.2. one of the computers has no comms at all the display data is just ???? . when I compile and go into run time its tells me it cannot find the server. I can ping all relative IP addresses from the computer itself. I though it was just a ethernet communication error at first but obviously not. I have also restored a older saved project but get the same issue. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Program Capacity

    Hi All I am new to Siemens and have been using plc which size programs in Steps, and Siemens using memory to size. Is the re an estimate of converting steps to memeory? If i was doing this on the other brand there standalone plc with 16K steps would be big enough. the Siemens S7 1500 Cpu 1511 has 150KB  program memory how does this compare.