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  1. 3rd Party Q Series Intelligent Device Modules

    Just to update - I found out I was doing everything correctly, except for the I/O was set to 64,  thanks for clearing that up! It turns out, if anyone has to mess with this style of fieldbus... that there are 2 versions of S-Link from Panasonic. The newer one is called S-Link V and it does not work with sensors manufactured for the older system.  (I think different baud rates.) So I suppose we'll be replacing them because they're obsolete anyway.
  2. 3rd Party Q Series Intelligent Device Modules

    I was confused when I read the manual, because on page 19 it's says the product incorporates 32 points input and 32 points output, so I thought it was 64. I left out the code on 18 because I set the parameters on the unit itself... and I was able to see those settings change in buffer memory when I powered on. Also, yes the inputs appear to be functioning correctly, because I put the other programming example (customized of course) from page 33 into my program (where it reads and writes the buffer memory), and X60-X6F appeared to work, I could pause the device or remove +24 volts and the inputs would change as they should. I did force an error and that bit was not going high.... it should have been X71.   Thanks so much for trying to help with this!
  3. Hey everyone! New member here, and this site has always been a big help!  I try to help other folks too, but a lot of guys are super quick on here.   I've got a problem using some obscure components. I inherited a sensor network at work that uses Panasonic S-Link and I need to read them from a Q-Series. Panasonic makes a module that slots into the Q Series called an SL-VMEL-Q that I have.   My question is:  Did I do everything correctly on my Mitsubishi side? I put it into the parameters as an intelligent module with 64 points and I put the correct address in for the start I/O. Is that all I have to do?  This is the first time I used a module that wasn't on the drop down list when you add one in GX Works 2.   I can read and write to the buffer memory, but I can't get the unit to send to or receive from the sensors. I think the problem is that there is no end unit on the S-Link line (I don't know if it's just a terminating resistor or what), but it previously worked without one, so I can't be certain.