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  1. I just want to know whether they are using there own CPU processor Mitsibushi 730 or they are outsourcing it?  
  2. Can anyone help me with the information related to Fx-5 and Fx5-4LC module. Like which processor is used for internal operation ?? What is the selection criteria for that ??
  3. Hey guys, Thanks for the suggestions. I am designing a PID fb by using a Add FB ...but unable to program it  CPU- FX-5U Temperature controller-FX5-4LC software : GxWorks 3
  4. Yup...Actually got confused i want a ladder program or steps to implement a PID FB that i can set the values manually for TEMP Controller
  5. Ya...I just want to implement a PID Functional block...for autotune parameters.. If we are done with these parameter change there any necessity to write a program for PID functional block seperately  
  6. PLC_Temperature_control

    Plz help me out with programming of PID controller from basic  And i am unable to download the zip file mentioned above  
  7. I am new to PlC programming . Plz can anyone guide me for ladder programming for FX5U -4LC Temperature controller with autotune parameters . Plus i want to use a PT-100 for the same . Plz help me out.