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  1. Thanks, Already have and read it, still no luck
  2. M340 csv File Read

    I did see this link although it says possible it gives no reference to how it can be done, as its heading says there are no examples. Thanks
  3. I have an application where data gets placed in a csv file. I need to read data from this file in to memory of a M340 PLC. Is there a way to program the M340 PLC to open and read the file in to an array or is this not possible at the PLC. Looked through google with little success.
  4. Please find attached Modbus Manual and User Manual. The 1 offset only seams to apply when using ReadVar and not IO scanning, I did make sure there was no overlap. GenComm2.162 DSE8610-MKII-Operator-Manual.pdfApril 2018.docx
  5. Thanks cHud; Please see set up for scanning two sets from the same device.
  6. As a side note I have now tried not using the IO scanning tab and just setting up two READ_VAR calls. This works with no drama, therefor this must be related to the IO scanning set up tab and not any hardware or connections. I hope we get an answer as I would prefer the IO scan way instead of writing to large arrays of varaiables
  7. I am having issues with M340 IO scanning. I have the NOE card next to the CPU which is a 2020 item. I have set the Network for the CPU as and the NOE card as To the NOE card I have connected a Deep Sea Electronics 8610 MkII generator controller which has configurable modbus pages. Its IP is I have set the IO scan tab of the NOE to read the device at starting at remote address 442497 (Page 166 of the DSE, 166*256). for 80 registers and to store them in PLC at %MW300 onward. When compiled this read works perfectly with values being loaded. The problem comes when I try a second read from the same device. This time Page 167 (167*256) at address 442753 which is sent to local PLC %MW380 onward. Now when I compile the code the first page is read OK as prior but the second read shows a "Faulty/Absent" on teh IO scanner debug page and no values are read. If I change the first entry to scan page 167 with page 166 deleted, again all is OK. It seams I am unable to make more than one read of the DSE product. I have spoke with DSE whom state the device can have multi reads from multiple masters and they have proved multiple reads from the same and different devices. I am now at a loss as to what to try next. I hope somebody can provide some insight. I also tryed doing teh second read with a standard READ_VAR command with teh same result. Just wondering if its a NOE thing or a set up thing I have missed.