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  1. com error in QJ71MT91 modbus module

      I have reposted my attachment in above,, already sir but it still fails when connecting with modbus,, ?
  2. com error in QJ71MT91 modbus module

    mr @Wasan i still failed to connect modbus poll,, is there something I missed?  
  3. com error in QJ71MT91 modbus module

    I use ladder sir for the program,, not familiar with FB,, this program that I tried and the result was no error but I still failed to try modbus poll,,
  4. com error in QJ71MT91 modbus module

    but in this time i can write the module QJ71MT91 without error in notif LED module but still cant connect the module to modbus poll,, i connect the cable like this to connect modbus poll but failed always,,
  5. com error in QJ71MT91 modbus module

    its still cant work in gxwork2 sir, i can write the program you give to me to PLC,, but thx you for reply me mr. daniel
  6. can I have the .zip file? please sent to me
  7. com error in QJ71MT91 modbus module

    thx you mr. daniel.. i try it,,
  8. com error in QJ71MT91 modbus module

    can you give me an example program to diagnose it? I still confused to program it sir,,  
  9. com error in QJ71MT91 modbus module

    I installed GX configuration-MB but it can't be used because I use PLC Q03UDV which doesn't support GX developer? can the configuration-MB GX be used separately?
  10. hello everyone,, I use the QD03UDV PLC and the modbus QJ71MT91 module, I want to test the module using modbus poll but it fails continuously, and when I upload the program to the LED notification PLC "COM.ERR." the module is ON ... but in GX Works2 I have no errors .. why is it like that, can someone help me?          
  11. ladder program

    Thx you mr. @sczot and mr. @Wasan
  12. ladder program

    is SM1 a type of Emergency button that must use NC at first?
  13. I/O assignment setting in GX-WORK2

    thx u mr. Daniel
  14. ladder program

    Hello everyone, I want to know why the Y172 coil is ON / logic 1? whereas contact SM1 is worth OFF / logic 0? can anyone explain it to me ?
  15. hallo all, I want to ask if I click "read PLC Data" the "points" will appear, I use the QY18A output module that uses 8 points but there is no choice, the smallest is only 16 points.  so I can't put 148 in the "start XY" column ... will it affect the I / O address in the program?