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  1. QJ1C24N to barcode Omron V400-R2. Connection HELP...

    I learned a lot after completing this project. Really thankyou Mr. Wasan..
  2. QJ1C24N to barcode Omron V400-R2. Connection HELP...

    i have done do your advise to check with hyperterminal and now the both devices can connection. I also have tried non procedure and that working now. I just press the "scan button" in V400-r2 for reading barcode and it can read different codes repeatedly without select the X83 and even in M0  the status is always OFF? is it really the way it works like that?  
  3. QJ1C24N to barcode Omron V400-R2. Connection HELP...

    I tried again by creating a new protocol, protocol 5 was executed and I also checked the error in the cable ... "start monitoring" X3 is ON and the barcode is successfully connected, when I press the "scan button" on the v400-r2 barcode, finally the predefined reading is successful and the data is stored on the D1000 like the image I attached. but for the second reading, when pressing "scan button" the data on D1000 does not change ... I have to select "stop monitoring" in the toolbar then repeat by pressing X30 again so that the second reading can be done, is it really the way it works like that? and even in M0 the status is always OFF?
  4. QJ1C24N to barcode Omron V400-R2. Connection HELP...

    thankyou for the advice Mr. Wasan.. I will try it..
  5. QJ1C24N to barcode Omron V400-R2. Connection HELP...

    can I know which one port can be use to connect the cable barcode RS232 to (RJ45/vga port/ usb/ HDMI) in notebook?
  6. QJ1C24N to barcode Omron V400-R2. Connection HELP...

    Thankyou Mr. Wasan. I have tried to use this method too but no response when I trigger the device to barcode..  Does barcode wiring use cognex and omron v400-r2 the same?
  7. QJ1C24N to barcode Omron V400-R2. Connection HELP...

    I've tried giving the monitoring time = 7s and try different time too. Its respon with error in module. But i cant see indicator the SD lite up when I activated X30. I dont know if I do something wrong with this predefined protocol ?
  8. QJ1C24N to barcode Omron V400-R2. Connection HELP...

    thank you  Thank you Mr. Gambit for seeing this thread, I'm just still confused by how to communicate these two devices,  I use barcode omron V400-r2 to PLC mitsubishi.  I have followed your advice and fixed the ladder but both devices still not connected. Like the picture I attach, the protocol status only "sending".. NO error but why the SD and RD indicators in the QJ71C24N series module are not ON.. ?   correction and.
  9. Predefined Protocol

    thank you sir, I will try it again based on what you told me,,
  10. Predefined Protocol

    what do you mean "which is that device and the next 17 devices" ? sorry  I am a beginner and still study for this job..
  11. Predefined Protocol

    thank for your response.. D3012 is the part of the data length that I set in GP.CPRTCL.. I don't know what is wrong, because the RD and SD signal indicators in modul intellegent doesnt work,, ?
  12. Greetings everyone. I'm new here. Hoping to get help to operate the Omron V400-R2 barcode to the Mitsubishi QJ71C24N so that they can communicate the two devices with the correct method. PLC: Mitsubishi: Q03UDVCPU; barcode: Omron V400-R2; serial communication module: QJ71C24N. I use RS 232 communication cable, I have tried using predefined protocol and non protocol procedures but still can't communicate the two devices. I really appreciate your help.
  13. Predefined Protocol

    Thank you for reminding the error in the slot on the program ,, I tried uploading the program again, and I set the switch settings like this. the result returned an error in the intelligence module,, the error code is 32000 which mean the "Protocol No. setting error" but I am confused whether it has anything to do with the protocol that is not executed like the picture "the protocol execution log"..??    
  14. Predefined Protocol

    anybody can help me? I have a problem with the use of the predefined protocol, the protocol status is not executed so the program on the GX error.