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  1. S7-1200 ‘Authorised Connection’ Password

    Well this isn’t looking good ;)
  2. Hi guys I could really do with some advice here I visited a site earlier, having some problems with a system and I need to go online with the PLC to check the logic and find out what the issue is for a particular function of two separate machines. I can find the IP address of the 1200 PLC with no issues, but as soon as I click ‘show’ or ‘detect’  a pop up window appears. ‘Authorised Connection a password is needed to obtain HMI or diagnostic access to a protected device’ which of course I understand a company protecting their code. The issue now is that the company has gone bust and there is no way of contacting anyone that may have known the password. So short of ripping out the perfectly good 1200 PLC’s (two systems) and replacing them with new logic (considerable more time required)   I am at a loss, does anyone know a work around for this?   Much appreciated   
  3. MODBUS Newbie!

    Thanks Wasan i will only have one port on this FX3G but worth bearing in mind for another project  
  4. MODBUS Newbie!

    Wasan thanks for the input, i wanted to use the PLC to control Outputs on the remote IO unit, if I can’t do that with the PLC being the slave my choice is limited no?   with the PLC as master, I can have inputs on the remote IO causing actions on the master PLC then the PLC can send Outputs to the remote IO and update registers for the HMI to read with the HMI as master I have nothing to send programmed commands to the remote IO   the System is basic, it should never need to include more than a HMI, Remote IO and the PLC     
  5. MODBUS Newbie!

    Perfect, thanks guys just wanted to confirm.   i will make the PLC (Master) and the HMI (Slave1) and just use the PLC to write information to the HMI
  6. MODBUS Newbie!

    Hi Guys just a quick one before I begin thinking about a new project using MODBUS RTU i want to have a MODBUS network over RS485 consisting of a HMI (Master) FX3G (Slave1) and a remote IO unit (Slave2)    obviously  i I know the master can request information and send commands to slaves, but can Slave1 send outputs/commands to Slave2? Or can only the master communicates to each slave? 
  7. FX3G PLC With Moxa ioLogik Remote IO

    Wasan   Thanks for that, good spot. As mentioned i am very new to Mitsubishi but also MODBUS. What i am thinking is to have the original FX3G as master, an additional FX3G as a slave running another program at a different location for the other pumps. Then have 4x MOXA R1212 Remote IO's on the 485 network. The manual you sent the link for is perfect for setting up the master and slave PLC's and also receiving/sending data between the master and slave. but i am a little confused by the addition of the MOXA units as slaves. I understand you may not know the MOXA logic and i can work that out but how would i go about telling the master FX3G about the 4 remote IO's as slaves and reading/writing to them? is there a predefined set registers for reading/writing for each assigned slave?  Any help or guidance is appreciated.
  8. Hi guys,    Brand new here and very new to Mitsubishi PLC's. I have a control panel with one FX3G PLC controlling 5 vacuum pumps, i want to add another 4 pumps but they are located about 100m away.  i have been looking at remote io options for the FX3G and wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with the Moxa ioLogik Remote IO units with Mitsubishi PLCs? if not i was thinking about another FX3G PLC with FX3U-485ADP and use Parallel Link for Master/Slave but seems a little overkill to use another PLC for simple input/outputs. Any other ideas welcome here guys.   Thanks Phil_666