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  1. Fal Errors In Omron C20hb

    Thank you so much for the documentation provided.  Question: Do you know if is this  possible if the PLC C20HB shows short circuit without really be a short circuit?  I'm working on a machine that is displaying this message fault and I already have checked all the cabling on the machine and electronics devices output such as sensors and I couldn't find any short circuit. There is no fuses blown on the machine, I have measured continuity on the fuses and it is ok. I was wondering about the possibility of an internal short circuit, is that possible?  In case I find the short circuit, as soon as I correct the short citcuit the PLC restablish automatically or do I nees to perform any reset or something else?   Thank you in advance for the support.   Carla
  2. Fal Errors In Omron C20hb

    Hello Jay,   Could you please, resend the Recovery procedure: 9E_Failure_Recovery.pdf ? Also, do you know the cause/how to solve the Fault 0X FFFB ?   I would appreciate if you could send to my e-mail: