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  1. Scaling question

    screenshot not available at the moment I am on a mac haha. But i allocated DM200 as my input in PCU parameters Made D208 a DINT and did /L  &1000 to look for my percent max torque also my other attempt was D208 FLTL (32bit floating if thats not correct label) and divid that floating by the max value and next multiplied by 9.55 Nm**** (edit a+8 and a+9 are defined in manual as my torque command value)
  2. Scaling question

    Have a DINT value for torque command said to be .001% of momentary max torque (9.55 nm). I divided this value by 1000 and got a number far too large. I also tried taking input value and dividing it by the listed max value in parameters and then multiplying it by 9.55 nm  and that number was far too large as well??  very confused and new to scaling servos and would like to be able to monitor my torque value  any help would be greatly appreciated