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  1. Need help concern panel view 550 keypad

    Even if the channel 0 of the SLC -5/04 is converted into dh-485 in my machine program ?? I must need the "1761-NET-AIC " interface device ??
  2. Hi there. I have panel view 550 keypad . Part number 2711-k5A5 has communication port rs-232 phisically it's protocol dh-485 . Can I replace it with other one has communication port rs-485 phisically it's protocol dh-485 . It's connected to SLC 5/04 through the serial rs- 232 port (Cho) on processor module by straight forward cable with two d-shell type 9 pin sokets in the two sides .The new panel view had rj-45 communication port . What can I do to connect it with SLC 5/04 in the same protocol dh-485.  i think i must make new straight with rj45 soket in side . And the other side will be d-shell type . And edit the hmi program on panel builder soft to change the model .and download it .is that true or false? Thanks in advance.
  3. Download program to Micrologix 1400

    You will need rslinx software to establish to the communication with the PLC . Then need rslogix 500 ( the cheapest version is MICRO version ) to download your machine program into the PLC memory.  Hope this help you.