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  1. Fx3U range compare

    Thanks for the replies guys, I managed to acomplish this by the FNC224 LD Data comparison function. In short words, compare K5M500 greater or equal with K1 and write to Mxxx
  2. Fx3U range compare

    I have a range of markers, for example M500-520 which I use for fault diagnosis. Is there an instruction which I can use to set a device (Y, M, S, ...) if one of the markers in this range activates ? I looked at the programming manual and tried a couple of things with compare and word devices, but I cant' figure it out. Alternatively I can put them all parallel and set a device, but there must be an easiers way I think.
  3. FX3U simple positioning

    @Veganic, you are correct, I'm talking about a expansion module. I'll doublecheck this with my supplier.
  4. FX3U simple positioning

    This is kinda of a "can you do it for me" question, but I'm not able to work it out by myself from the start. If I can get some examples or hints, I can probably figure the rest out by myself. So here it goes. The whole thing is a proof of concept, but I want to look if both devices can work together in a working manner. I have a leftover Mdrive stepper motor which I want to connect to a FX3U plc. I'm planning to use/test this setup as a linear feeding machine. I will use a external encoder (A-B channel) to read/verify the distance feeded. Since I only have a FX3U 24MR unit available, I'll need an transistor output module. The program should be something like: -put a value in a register (distance wanted, in mm, converted to pulses in the PLC) with a GOT unit or something -start feeding and readout the value of the encoder (1000 p/rev) -on 80-90% of the total distance wanted, speed should go down and stop the motor. -An alternative should be that I use 2 values in the register, 1 for total distance wanted and 1 to slow down to the total distance. -the feeder can be somewhat off, the project does not require exact positioning (1-2mm is no issue) The Mdrive wants 2 inputs, 1 with pulses on a given frequency and 1 for the direction. I have already looked through the (positioning) manuals, but I'm unable to put something toghether. Parameters for ramp down/ramp up/ limits should be no issue, these I can figure out by myself. As far as I found out, I should be able to drive the Mdrive directly from the PLC as the inputs are 24V.   Any help will be highly appreciated !!