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  1. OPC & PLC Integration

    Thanks for the Explanation. 
  2. Hi All, we have an project which is using Very old PLC/Controller. Even we are not able to find the Device Model & brand. But my company required to get some Data from that Controller to IIOT Device. Recommended me to use OPC UA to collect Details from PLC. Did Explained that Can't make it without knowing the Parameter Details like Memory address & Data Type of the DATA inside the PLC. Still they insisted me to do that. Any Possible way available to Integrate parameters of PLC through Modbus without knowing the Memory Address & Data Type of it.   Regards,   Sathiyaraj
  3. OPC & PLC Integration

    Thanks a lot
  4. OPC & PLC Integration

    Yes, You are right. But I have another Question as below. If PLC Model & Hardware Connection Details available, Is it Possible to Access the DATA Values from PLC without knowing its Memory address?   Many Thanks.
  5. Thanks for your inputs. Kindly update me if you know any info regarding my issue.   Best Regards,
  6. Hi All, Good Afternoon. Would like to know the methods of downloading PLC Program to a PLC? Coz, I'm planning to download a PLC program from My PC to PLC through Wireless communication. how to Success it? Recommend me some ways. Thanks.  Good Day!   Best Regards,  
  7. Hi Mr Joe E, My Company asking me to find an way to Download PLC Program to PLC through wireless. my clients are using different PLC's. Asked me to communicate through OPC UA, but i'm not familiar of it. i'm new to this area. I know PLC, HMI. but not worked on SCADA & IIOT. So would like to request for an guidelines that what could be the solution for it and which things i need to learn. Sorry if my questions are stupid or Basic.   regards.