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  1. iFix Slows down network?

    hi guys, I hope someone can help me.  So ive been using win7 and never had this problem but when I switched to win 10 I started having this problem.  I use SCADA software call iFix.  iFIX applications retrieve real-time data from an OPC server through requests.  Objects in an operator display update by polling the OPC server. Ok so here is a little about the set up. Its all done over servers and there they are not connected to the internet.  When I open iFix after some time I notice that it takes slower time to open things up in the program and the response time of it becomes much slower. but its not only that software that is affected. other programs that pull data from server become slow as well.  I pin pointed it to Network speed. When I open up task manager and look at the network speed, it is dropped from 600mpbs to around 100mbps.  One fix I found for this is to restart the iFix software and as soon as it restarts the network speed goes back up to normal.  Do you guys have any thoughts? Thank you