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  1. CQM1H-CPU51 Arduino Modbus RTU

    Thank for the answers. I will try monitor mode.
  2. CQM1H-CPU51 Arduino Modbus RTU

    Thank You for the answer. I trying to use CQM1H as Modbus RTU slave. With this ladder program: The problem with the host link communication that i need to change run mode to program mode when i want to write dm memory.   I will check all the links in your post. Thank you!  
  3. CQM1H-CPU51 Arduino Modbus RTU

    Hi! First, sorry because bad english. I want to measure temperatures with arduino and send the values to plc CQM1H-CPU51. I founded the MODBUS RTU Slave Interface for CQM1-CPU4x/CQM1H CPU51/61 PLC in download section. I am uploaded the program with dm memory. For now i want to communicate between pc and plc to try the program, but for now no respons from plc. I try to communicate with modbus softwares (CAS modbus scanner, Symple Modbus Master, qModMaster), but idon't have respons from plc. Just lit one a communication led and thats it. If someone have a functioning example for this type of communication between arduino and CQM1H please answer here. Or someone use this Modbus rtu ladder program tell me how use it. Thank you!