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  1. Hello,   I have  a project where I need to run 2 Omron Servos 1S at same time with 1:1 ratio. I created virtual servo axis and attached my 2 physical axis to virtual one ( screenshot from Sysmac studio attached). For some reason when 1 of the axis has a fault, my whole virtual axis goes down. For recovery I need to to do GearOut and GearIn again. In one of the moments I'm losing count in my motion that cause issue later. I believe that I'm doing something wrong.  Can somebody help me to understand how I can keep my synchronized axis all the time? Thank you in advance!  
  2. Hello, I have a project where I need to synchronize 2 servos. I use GearIn command to sync this servos. I created 1 virtual axis and attached my 2 physical servos to virtual one. Based on application logic I need to stop sync servos when count from sensor reached max value. To stop the servos I'm using ImmidiateStop command. For some reason stop point for this servos variate based on servos speed.    How I can improve my stop point?      Thanks!
  3. Sysmac Studio 1.29.1 crashing

    Maybe it will sounds weird, but check antivirus as well. I can't do online edit while my realtime scan is on.
  4. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Maybe somebody already said that, but will be really nice to be able todo next few things: 1. Enable/Disable specific section inside of POU program. For now I can only enable/disable while POU program, but not sections inside. 2. Will be great if I would be able to create separate global variables table. It will help to organize our variables in a group. In this case you can open your table with variables and see all variables related to this group. For now I use structures for grouping variables.
  5. Hello! I have a project where I need to use Allen Bradley PLC, it might be one of CompactLogic series. In scope of the project I need to transfer few real values to DirectLogic PLC that installed on customer side. DirectLogic PLC has installed ethernet card that support Modbus TCP, TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocols as it says on automationdirect website. I start looking for Allen Bradley PLC that support Modbus TCP or TCP/UDP protocol and did find clear information. Could you help me to find out a way how I can pass the data to directlogic PLC from CompactLogic?   Thank you in advance!   Regards, Scotty
  6. Studio 5000 and different PLC versions

    Are you downloading this product 9324-RLD200ENE - Studio 5000 Mini Edition ESD Software?
  7. Studio 5000 and different PLC versions

    Why in my case it takes additional 3Gb for additional version of Studio5000? Something weird is going on here. Can I ask to tell me what installations you used?
  8. Studio 5000 and different PLC versions

    Could you tell me please what I need to install in this case?  I do download 9324-RLD200ENE - Studio 5000 Mini Edition ESD Software with different versions. I checked when I installed another version and it says 3.7Gb.
  9. Studio 5000 and different PLC versions

    Thanks everyone for reply! Does it mean that I need to install multiple versions and keep them? Ohhh. I have SSD 250Gb only. I calculated that each installation takes me 4Gb, when I tried to switch from C to D drive, then software said that it will install into C ~3.5Gb anyway what I'm saying and only rest data goes to D.  if I need to have ~10 versions it means that I need to have >40Gb of space just to cover 10 versions. I don't know why AB decided to go this inconvenient way for developers. Ok, we have what we have. I see as option, it's install required option for PLC firmware, upload data from PLC, then FLASH it to newer version and convert program to new software version and upload back to PLC, then I can avoid populating RSLogix5000.
  10. Hello to everybody, I'm new in AB world, but has experience in Siemens and Omron. I'm trying to find out a way how I can handle multiple PLC firmware versions in Studio 5000. I installed Studio 5000 v30.* and it give me only 1 option to select PLC with v30 or HMI with v3. I get in touch with AB support and they told me to upgrade my PLC firmware to support my software version what is doesn't sounds like solution for me. Could anybody help me to explain how Studio 5000 works and it was done in Rockwell world?  Thanks in advance! Regards, Scotty
  11. Hello to everybody,   I have another question relative sysmac studio. When I close and open SysmacStudio and open project, each time HMI reset update rates to 500ms for my variable in global variables list. I have regular variables with standard types and few structures that I pulled out from PLC. everything works. But I need to change some update rates for my variables and it's taking time to do it each single day when I need touch HMI program.   Any opinion what may be wrong?   Thanks in advance! 
  12. Hello to everybody, I have a project with NJ-101, 7 MX-2 VFD and ECC-202 with safety CPU SL-3300 and few I/O slices. Till today I did not have problem to build my project. All day long today I'm receiving and  error during the rebuild. It's says that my DataTypes section got failed during the build and only 1 error message I have: An exception such as memory shortage has occurred. I check memory usage,  it's not even load on half. Manual says that I need to split ladder programs or reduce amount of Global Variables. I do have some custom structures and 1 union, don't think that it cause the problem. DataType section uploaded in excel file. Does anybody has experienced similar issue? And what is the solution for the problem? I'm using SysmacStudio 1.26 with Windows10 x64 Regards, Scotty DataTypes.xlsx
  13. Homing servo motors

    Hello everybody, I have a question about homing servo motors. I have a project with new servos from Omron and I would like to know what is the best way to do homing for the servos and how often. Before when we have servos with encoders I was making special homing sequence and was calling by some event. I heard that new servos from Omron pretty smart and remember own position without batteries. So with this 'new generation' of servos what is the key to keep machine robust, easy for motor replacement without useless programming stuff. Regards, Scotty