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  1. GX Works2 simulation error.

    All this time, I was testing my programs using the Debug/Start-Stop Simulation menu and it worked perfectly fine. I haven't changed anything, at least not intentionally :), and now I'm getting an error: Cannot communicate with PLC. Error = 01809005 I've tried to search for this particular error number, but it seems to be non-existent in every manual/help that I have. Which function could I have accidentally pressed, in order to cause this issue? :)
  2. Accessing specific bits in a word.

    Hello, I'm new to PLCs, now I learned about the "." operator, but it seems limited to specified registers only. So, for example, this works: D100.1 := 1; Question 1 - Is it possible to somehow access a specific bit of a label?  Something like: myLabel.1 := 1; Question 2 - Same, but this time with Z registers: Z1 := 1; myLabel.Z1 := 1; Both examples throw a parser error. For now I'm sticking to assigning label value to a register, THEN changing the bit, THEN assigning the changed register back to my label, but it just looks ugly. Is there a better way to solve this? I'm using FX3G series.