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  1. FX2N with PLC Direct HMI

    Ok, another problem. I am using a customer specd PLC direct EZ touch Panel EZ-S6M-FS. HMI info I cannot seem to get the two devices to communicate correctly. I have spent two days on the phone with PLC direct tech support and still no luck. I get the following error, "no communications" If I hit a button that simply toggles a bit about 50 times it will only toggle the bit maybe twice. It is suppose to work with all of the FX series plcs. I switched plcs to the FX1N and it worked great. Everything was purchased new. Has anyone ever used the two together. We've checked all the obvious items. No luck yet. Any ideas?
  2. Scale with parameters

    Thanks for the reply, I was not trying to insinuate that the math was hard. I was simply looking for a quick, one step instruction. Oh well. Thanks again for the help.
  3. USB to Serial Cable

    I received the cable in the mail today. Now I'm up and running. Thanks alot. I highly recommend buying this cable.
  4. Scale with parameters

    Boy this web site has been great so far. I have been given what normally would be a pretty simple project, however the customer is requiring a mitsubishi processor. I have a tiny bit of experience using these for standard input/output programs, however this will be the first time I have used analog with the mitsubishi processor. I am looking for something that is similar to the scp (scale with parameters) function that is used with Allen-Bradley software. Is there a simple function or will I need to do the math. Basically, my analog inputs (4-20mA) are the following; one pressure transmitter (0-150 PSI), and two temperature transmitters (0-300 deg F). I would like to scale the analog values over the desired ranges (i.e. 0-150 and 0-300). Before I dig into each math step to accomplish this I thought I would ask all of you to see if there was an easier method. Thanks again for all the help.
  5. USB to Serial Cable

    thank you all for trying to help, can't seem to get anything to work with the mitsubishi. Mr. Cables, I have taken your advice and ordered the cable from this site. I sure hope it works. Thanks again.
  6. USB to Serial Cable

    Well, I have a problem. I thought I would post here first then go searching. I got a new work laptop, no serial port (darn IT people). Anyway, I am trying to establish communication with an FX2N via a belkin usb to serial converter to the SC-09 cable. This converter works great with other devices, meters, AB processors, etc. However I have no luck with the Mitsubishi processors. I am using GX developer. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. GX Developer 8.03 Install Error. (Help)

    After alot of discussion with the Mitsubishi Tech person, they sent me a file to run that resolved the issue. This was a single copy, no network setup was involved. Oh well, all is good now.
  8. I am having trouble installing the latest version of GX Developer. After the installation is complete, When attempting to run the application I get an error box saying, "There was a problem sending licensing information over your network. CAUSE: The program "ckserve" is not running on the server or your computer. SUGGESTION: In order to run this program over a network, ckserve must be running on the network server. Talk to your network administrator." This is a Laptop computer running Windows XP Pro. SP 1. This computer has never been on a network. It is however running system commander which has the drive seperated for dos 6.0 and Win XP. Any help would be appreciated.