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  1. rsView32 Works

    Do you have to shutdown rsview32 runtime to open rsviewWorks?  I am not able to open rsviewWorks with runtime running? I do not have a lot of experience using this
  2. rsview32 works

    We still have RsView32 running in some of our processes I will have to check what version of RsLinx is running (classic, or lite). It is RsView32  7.01 32k Its probably not activated on the computer I'm working with I will try making a test page on the station that is currently running RsView32 runtime and works with our process. I would like to make a few changes on the current Runtime program, currently running. That is why I was trying to do a bench test I was trying to make a test program on a laptop with rsview32 works and rslinx. It lets you do everything, configure the driver, configure the node (sees the node in Linx), create tags, configure buttons to point to bits in the rsLogix 500 online program, but in test mode it does not change the state of the bits in the PLC pogram.  
  3. rsview32 works

    Hello, Im wondering why my rsview 32 works project is not connecting to my SLC5 plc program? Its just a test program on the bench configured the driver correctly, rslinx running, node is configured correctly, built a few tags. Trying to test run them in works, not activating my plc tag bits. Do I require the activation license just to do a test run in works? How do you confirm your rsview works project is communicating with your PLC in remote run?