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  1. Device Types, where are they?

    I will kill this post.  I think I have CX-One working properly, now I can't connect to the PLC target.  I am using a CS1W-CIF31 V2 adapter and Windoze reports driver is OK and tells me the port. I just can't seem to connect to either of the 2 CS1Gs as targets.  I have looked around on this forum but have had no luck.  I am trying to use Auto Online - Direct Online and switch 5 is set to 'ON'.  CX-One goes through a number of protocols at various baud and parities, but still no connection. Thanks and Regards to All who have helped along the way.
  2. Device Types, where are they?

    Last update for now: I found a WinXP-Vista-7-8 driver and loaded it and it seemed happy. However, I still connect connect to my target which is a CS1G-45 CPU through the Comm Port.  I have dip switch 5 'ON' and it still will not connect.  The COMM LED is flashing so fast it is barely lit to the eye. What to check?
  3. Device Types, where are they?

    Another Update: I grabbed my Surface which has a 'clean' Win10 install and it went like it is supposed to. Now I am having trouble with the USB drivers for the CS1W-CIF31 V2 USB to serial adapter.  The drivers won't seem to load.  I know this is an old adapter, but there doesnt seem to be any drivers for Win10 for this. Any suggestions where to look?  So close.........
  4. Device Types, where are they?

    An update: I downloaded from Microsoft, .Net Framework 3.5 SP1, which is supposed to have 2.0.  It looked the same as when I tried from the install ISO - All that shows what is loaded is 1.1 which is not high enough. This is really frustrating.  My PC is updated and it does not show any issues.  Used to be a Win7 then updated to Win10. What to try next?
  5. Device Types, where are they?

    Thanks BobB, I downloaded the ISO, mounted it, and I get .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 not installed.  I replied 'yes' to prompt to load it, then I got another dialog box saying .Net Framework 2.0 is not installed, then the installer stops and tells me CX-One is not installed and to load the .Net stuff by hand. I have looked around on the files in the ISO and do not find the installers for these 2 .Net programs. This is really becoming difficult to load.  Is this normal?  This is the 1st Omron piece of software I have loaded...... Crossbow, I am glad you state that Windoze10 is fine for this program - once I get it loaded......... when I get it loaded. I appreciate ALL the help afforded thus far.
  6. Device Types, where are they?

    It was a link to Version 4 as well.  Isn't this old?  I thought I saw a higher Ver for this?
  7. Device Types, where are they?

    Crossbow- Yes, I have a link from my local Omron guy. However, I am finding out it does not seem to work on Windoze10. I found an old Vista machine but it is 64 bit and the drivers in the software do not work on 64 bit. Still trying here but I think I may have to wait until the Omron guy sees what he can do...... Thanks for the input. Regards.
  8. Device Types, where are they?

    Ha!, You are correct Knox.  I am so new to the coding environment that I never made that connection....... stupid. Now I need to go look for the full version somewhere to try out. Regards.
  9. Device Types, where are they?

    Hello All- I am new and just downloaded the trial version of the CX programmer and I am trying to connect to a CS1G PLC (CPU45) but the CS1G device type does not show in the drop-down menu. All it shows is CP1E. What am I doing wrong? Regards.