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  1. Siemens C230-2 Onsite help in the Midwest USA

    I am Still Awaiting a response from the OEM, they are Shipping a new SD Card containing the program but I fear that by the time it arrives tomorrow it will be to late to make arrangements to have their tech come to Nebraska. Does anyone have the Scout software that they could format the program onto a card and copy the card and send it to me?
  2. Siemens C230-2 Onsite help in the Midwest USA

    JRW, My applogies for missing your response, my spam filter was catching all messages from the forum, do you know if it is possible to have the program copied from the SD card and paste it on a new card?
  3. I currently have a Machine in my facilty that uses a Siemens C230-2 PLC, Micromaster 440 Main Motor Drive, Simodrive 611 Servo control, ET200S Remote I/O Module, and a MP370 Operator Interface all connected using profibus. Suddenly last week the machine stopped working. The OEM is Located in Europe and although the machine is equipped with a Modem they have not been able to establish a connection to the machine. The OEM is telling me that there is a Profibus error and sent New Profibus connectors in the hopes that the connectors would fix the problem or at least allow them to connect to the machine. this did not work. Shortly after the machine was installed (machine was installed in Late 2007) they sent a modified program on a Siemens SD card and it had been running the program up until the current problem. I can install the original program card that shipped with the machine and I have ProfiBus communication again but there is still a problem with the machine and the still cannot connect. I have the Local TeleCom company coming today to see if there is an issue with the phone line to the Machine but failing that before I commit to having a Tech Travel from Europe I would like to find someone state side to come and directly connect to the machine to help find out what the problem is. Is there anyone in the MidWest area that would have an intrest in traveling to Nebraska to have a look at this? If so Please PM. Jason
  4. wire duct cutters This is what i use for the Duct, Duct cover, and the Din rail, You have to be careful if you try to just trim a small piece off, it can get caught up in the shoe. Jason
  5. Wiring Potentiometers in Series

    Thanks for the replys. I got pulled away from this project, I think what I will need to do is add an arm connected to the Potentiometer to see how the coil is getting smaller as it is unwound. the only problem is that this uncoiler is double sided and I will have to have two arms and switch between them when the turrent is changed. Thanks for the input on this.
  6. I have an application where I need to control the spindle speed on a Coil Unwinding reel that has a DC motor and drive. I would like to have a Potentiometer to set the max speed and then have another Potentiometer connected to a dancer arm that will increase the spindle speed as the strip raise the arm. I am using a Baldor BC-142 Drive. Drive Manual According to the Manual the Low connection of the Potentiometer is connected to terminal P1, the Wiper is connected to P2, and the High Terminal is connected to P3. To Get this to work would I connect the Low terminals on Both Potentiometers to the P1 Terminal, connect the first Potentiometer Wiper to the High of the Second, Connect the Wiper on the Second Potentiometer to the P2 Terminal and the High of the First Potentiometer to the P3 on the drive? Does this make any sense? Thank you in advance for any Help. Jason
  7. OT thanks

    Huge thanks to you Jeff Very good phone conversation you are one of the ones that make sites like this great!! Jason
  8. My project moving along...

    That panel is looking good Keep us Posted on your progress. Jason
  9. 7 position selector switch? The us distributor is American Soleniod, I have the Contact information in my computer at work, If you would like it let me know. Jason
  10. Tapping holes

    Be careful about using a round shank tap in the drill chuck, the taps are harder than the drill bits and when they slip it will start to wear out the chuck jaws. I have a set of Blue Point tap sockets (Craftsman also has a set) they have a square broached in the socket to drive the tap and an O-Ring to hold it in the socket, If you would use a socket adapter and a drill/driver with a clutch it would further reduce tap breakage. Also use a good Cutting oil for the material that you are using (something is better than nothing though) and the cutting tools will last much longer and break less. Jason
  11. Tapping holes

    One more Vote for the Greenlee Drill/Taps. In my experience power tapping with a Drill I have found that you are most likely to break it when you are running it back out of the piece that you are tapping. If you have a tapping head to use that would be the way to do it. Jason
  12. SLC-500 to PDF

    Hey Twenty Minutes is pretty darn good. I was not expecting a response that fast. Thanks Again.
  13. SLC-500 to PDF

    Thank You. Have A Nice Evening -Jason
  14. SLC-500 to PDF

    Could someone convert this Program in to a PDF for me? I do not have access to RS Logix and the Intergrater that uploaded the program for does not have a PDF program. I need to see if some of the Inputs that the Line diagram says are open are indeed open. Thank You in advance Jason Overland_Products__SEYI_275__original_upload_.RSS
  15. 8 position switch

    They are good switches but they have a three week lead on non stock products. Jason