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  1. Need TIMER logic support CJ2M

    Thanks Jay.Problem solved and machine working fine.
  2. Need TIMER logic support CJ2M

    Thank you Jay i will try and reply.Please reply about can we use MTIM for this requirement I have tried MTIM getting reset and again running cyclical.
  3. I am using CJ2M PLC.I want switch on a output for certain time by a timer and holding bit if interlocks satisfied.If interlock not OK timer has to hold the time and output should be off. if again interlocks OK again output has to ON upto balance time completion and has to give timer done output for reset holding bit.please suggest.
  4. We using Omron R88-GP series servo in one of our machine.we couldn't identify this series in cx drive or omron catalogue.We Need servo parameter software to be used for R88D-GP01H-Z.Please Help.
  5. Allocation I/O

    Here there is no alpha numberic for DI/DO you have to adresss inputs for example 0.00,0.01,0.02 ,outputs 10.00,10.01,10.02
  6. Error image for your reference    
  7. I am using NB Designer for last one year without problems. But from last week i am getting new error Background PLC control recorder 0 error! while compiling and not able to update the HMI. Please help.
  8. I want to soft reset a CP1E PLC by program itself via external input device. is it possible?i want all the bit memory should reset.