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  1. panelview 550 auto test failing

    A lot of thanks m’y dear . I owe to you with this. But I don’t have backup from my application and already at my site I have anew one . And the panel didn’t open to can load application from it . best regards .
  2. panelview 550 auto test failing

    Thanks for your support my dear but I am can i make  reflashing.  Best regards   
  3. panelview 550 auto test failing

    Thanks for your reply my dear but I can’t see the answer no any way can I take the program from old one and put it on new one 
  4. panelview 550 auto test failing

  5. panelview 550 auto test failing

    hi guys i have panel view 550 cat : 2711-k5a2 & ser:E  fail to loading give me auto test 24 error  any one facing this problem before . can any one help what i can do ? Remon  best regards 
  6. 1747-sn scanner

    dear ken roach i found in our store anew card from 1336gm1 and i replaced it but the same issue . what is your advice for my status ? how i can check the problem ? thanks  best regards .
  7. 1747-sn scanner

    Sorry this Vedio not related for our conversation 
  8. 1747-sn scanner

    Thanks for your reply in the site I have anew card from scanner and I replaced it and also not working .  I searche about 1336GM1 board and i found it on eBay site but I have doubt on it because some board written on public used . no any  way to can assure from problem from this board ? when I search about this problem I found this sheet . caedf201-0bc5-44d5-9e48-a1cf0a549077.MP4 1215444485.pdf
  9. 1747-sn scanner

    1- yes before I had  fault inside vfd serial fault (10) and I found in side vfd 3 IGBT was burn and I changed it now it working ok .  Thanks 
  10. 1747-sn scanner

    No one can help me 
  11. 1747-sn scanner

    i am new in plc and i have issue with allen-bradley system processor slc 503 slot 0 scanport slot1 comm led give red flasher no fault an it connected to 1336 plus (vfd). at scanport dip switch 1&2 on baud rate 57.6 and dip switch at 1336 plus (vfd) i have three switches in remote I/O 1336-GM1  configerd as SW1: 1 OFF &2: OFF& 3:ON&4:ON&5:ON&6:ON&7:ON&8:OFF SW2:  1:ON &2:OFF&3:ON&4:ON&5:ON&6:ON&7:OFF&8:OFF SW3   1:OFF&2:ON&3:ON&4:ON&5:OFF&6:OFF&7:OFF:8:OFF JUMPER J2 BETWEEN 1AND 2 at scanport terminal resistor 150 ohm HOW I CAN MAKE SCANPORT COMMUNICATE WITH VFD 1336 PLUS ?