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  1. I have multiple PVP 1500's on the same network. From the one in my control room i need to be able to see what user is logged into what HMI. How would I address the system tag of another HMI on the same network would I use the IP address? thank you for any help in advance
  2. Newly added tags won't show up in ME

    Thank you Joe. I will definitely keep that in mind.
  3. Newly added tags won't show up in ME

    I apologize for posting twice about the same thing. I thought I had done the first one wrong. I have never used a public forum before. I did find the solution. When I had move studio 5000/rslogix to the new computer the default tag scope was set to just that program instead of the entire controller. That's why the new tags wouldn' show up. I just created new tags with the scope of the controller.
  4. Newly added tags won't show up in ME

    This happens after I download to the HMI panel. It says route unresolved or something  
  5. I downloaded it to the Parkview 1500. All of my edits in the L72 were done online so I know the tags are valid. Every  tag from that processor is working except for the ones I just added.
  6. Any new tags I add in studio 5000 the HMI project shortcut cannot locate the tags, it says unresolved route to processor. It's the same shortcut all of the other tags are using. Please help. 
  7. This is my first time to the forum and I am still very new to plc programming. I just had to move all of our software over to a new computer ( kind of new) it's running windows 7 pro. The same is as the computer before. Same computer name, same I'm, same file directory. However when I add tags in studio 5000 and reference them in the HMI, it says it is unresolved in route to the processor. It only does this for the new tags. I used the same shortcut and everything so I am at a complete loss here. What do I do.