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    Hi everybody,  Is it possible to send MELSEC commands to oneself, locally, not using the phiysical ports? I would like to use some commands described in the "Communication_Protocol_Reference_Manual_(MELSEC)" to get some self-management functions in my PLC.  For example, in OMRON this is possible using CMND instruction and setting the FINS address to 0.0.0 in the parameters of the instruction. Thank you very much. 
  2. Fingerprint reader

    Thank you Michael, I think another option would be using a Wiegand to RS232 converter, given than the fingerprint than I have checked are using a propietary protocol in the RS485 and in the TCP interfaces.  I will tell you about my project.  Thanks again. 
  3. Fingerprint reader

    Thank you. Could you help me with that? I would know how to do it using the serial port, but I don't know how to do it with tcp/ip. Using sockets maybe? Could you show me the first steps? Any example of something similar? A manual? Thanks again
  4. Fingerprint reader

    Could you send me those links? I don't find readers with EIP, I only found some chinese readers that, although in the announcement they say it includes "ethernet/IP", actually only include TCP/IP. Thanks
  5. Fingerprint reader

    Hi everybody, I would like to connect a fingerprint reader to a CJ2H. I want the reader to send to the PLC a diferent ID Code for every registered users. The most simple configuration would be using the built-in serial port of the CJ2. However, I have not found a good fingerprint reader with this interface. Do you know a good fingerprint reader with RS232? Normally the fingerprint readers use Ethernet or USB. So, could you help me to kown how to implement it using ethernet? Is there any function similar to RXD but for Ethernet communications? Thank you. 
  6. Half Screen when app is opened.

    This also was enough for me... Thanks
  7. Network Number Problem

    The crossed cable!!  It is working... Thanks for your willingness!
  8. Network Number Problem

    I think the problem could be the twisted pair cable. I am using a straight cable; however, since I am connecting the HMI directly to the host, I think I should be using a crossed one. Anyway, I don't have a hub nor a crossed cable. I am waiting to the next week to get it and I will tell you the results.  Thank you.
  9. Hi,  Today I would like to ask a very not important question: Why is it not possible to activate the "Show output instructions horizontally" option?? I have already unchecked the invalid options from the "Show on right output instructions" section of the "Ladder Information" tab from the "Options" menu.  Thanks.    1.bmp
  10. Network Number Problem

    So, I think the Host settings are OK. I need the serial port enabled for a barcode reader. Thank you
  11. Network Number Problem

    I think the comm. settings in the NS are OK. I am not sure if you wanted to share another image that could help me, because you repeated it twice.   Another point is that it is not possible to connect to the NS using the EtherWay Software via TCP. There is no problem using UDP, however, using TCP I get the following Error: "Report 12.450: ERROR: The connection could not be established since the destination computer expressly denied the connection". Any idea? Thank you very much. 1.bmp 2.bmp 3.bmp 4.bmp
  12. Network Number Problem

    Where?,  I think I have already done that. Could you check it in the first post? "And the following for the host:  - Name: CPU_A  - Type: SYSMAC-CJ2  - Protocol: Ethernet/IP  - IP Address:" Thank you very much  
  13. Network Number Problem

    Yes, the rotary dials are set to 0-A. And the MS led is lit green. I was thinking about I don't need the routing table for EIP, but when I try the FINS-Com.Test tool from the system menus of the HMI is also failing. Anyway, I am able to connect the PLC with Cx-Programmer using any protocol: EIP, UDP or TCP, but only using the Net 0 and Node 0; however it is not possible to set the HMI to the net number 1.  Likewise, I can connect Cx-Designer to the hardware on Etherner. Also I have been sending FINS commands using the OMRON Multiway software to the HMI and the PLC and this is working.  I don't understand why they are working separately but together are failing...
  14. Network Number Problem

    Hi,  I am trying to connect a new CJ2M-CPU31 to a used NS12-TS01B-V2 (it seems to be restored to default). I want to connect that using Ethernet.  In the Cx-Designer I have set the following for the NS ethernet Port:   - Ethernet: Enable   - Net number: 1   - Node number: 5   - UDP Port: 9600   - IP address:  //  //  // And the following for the host:   - Name: CPU_A   - Type: SYSMAC-CJ2   - Protocol: Ethernet/IP   - IP Address: In the Cx-Programmer I have set the same IP address for the PLC from the I/O table configuration.  However, they are not connecting. After some seconds the HMI shows a Time-out Error. I am used to works with this kind of HMI, I think the problem is in the PLC because this is my first time working with a new, out of the box, PLC. I have tried to comunicate them using the "Com. Test" tool from the System Menus of the HMI; however, I didnt get it.  I think the problem is than the integrated ethernet port of the PLC is not in the Net Number 1. I have tried to set it using Cx-Integrator. I have clicked in "Create routing tables" -> "Insert SIO CPU unit" for the Unit250(Integrated Ethernet Port) -> Local network number = 1 -> Transfer to PLC. Nevertheles, the windows "Online Connection Info" is allways showing Net(-) instead of Net(1):    "Ethetnet [CJ2M-EIP21] Net(-), Node (10),  Unit (0)" I have checked the Cx-Integrator Manual and says in this case it is only neccessary to "Connect", but I have tried it, waited for the 254 nodes, and... it doesn't work!! I don't know what to do! Thank you.