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  1. problem with keyence

    In more of 1000 programs, it's imposible, i read ok other forum if you read with 00x00, 00x32 ... But i don't understand what is ...
  2. problem with keyence

    I have hardcopy of the program but the really problem, i have aprox 200 kv working and i have the programs with no referencie, i don't know what program is for what PLC, 
  3. problem with keyence

    hello friends, maybe can help me.  in first place sorry for bad english.  I have a list of programs of plc keyence kv24 and i have a lot of plc with diferents programs but i don't know what program is for what plc. i try read this plc with kv studio but the plc have read protection. have any way to read this plc to charge and backups programs? I know about Keyence Backup tools but is on trial version and the web is defunct, i can't buy the program, anybody knows how to make it?  a lot of thanks anyways.
  4. this old post but.. i just trying, i want buy this program, anybody knows where can i buy? ty