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  1. CP1L-EM30DR-D connect E5EC via RS485

    Hi.. I'm trying to connect CP1L-EM with Temperature Control E5EC and a motor heater.  I already set the temp. Control for modbus comm, I used the FB lib but I can't read PV, SV and write SV. Is there a specific address for the trigger bit and normal end bit c, Etc?    Thank you all and hoping find a solution for it. 
  2. NB7W-TW00 with CP1L-EM30DR-D and MX2

    Oh there's one more thing that i forgot to mention. In the nb7 i connect it to the model plc of Modbus RTU Extend, because if I use my original PLC CP1l-EM30dr-d i can't connect it to the nb7w-tw00 because in the nb designer, the PlC can only with ethernet while the nb doesnt have an ethernet port. So that's why i use the modbus rtu extend.  Does anyone can help me? 
  3. Hi, does anyone could me?  I'm trying to control MX2 with HMI NB7W-TW00 that connect to CP1L-EM30DR-D. I already done the programming in CX Programmer using FB lib and it works. But i have trouble when i try to visualized it's parameter through the nb7. The hmi only has 2 ports(1 for rs232 and 1 more for rs422/485). I connect the mx2 via rs 485 throught CP1W-CIF11 on my plc. And connect the NB7 via port 2. Is it because my addresing in the HMI was mistaken? Because i didn't understand clearly regarding to give the 0x,1x,3x, and 4x. I already read the manuals, but still don't understand it. Is there a step by step guide for it? Or any solutions that will help me.   Thank you all..