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  1. 22-Com-E Card Mess

    Awesome I will give it a try  
  2. 22-Com-E Card Mess

    I do not have an HIM, it was set with drive exec, so now that I cannot communicate with it at all, I am dead unless I get an HIM or the cable, sounds like. 
  3. 22-Com-E Card Mess

    I had one of my technicians set the IP address of a 22-Com-E card to and the subnet mask to I have tried to manual associate the mac address to a correct IP address and it will not allow it. The reset to factory defaults are even grayed out.  I have used WireShark to validate the MAC address, BootP cannot see it and I am stuck. I have looked all over the internet and I have exhausted any sources.  Does anyone know how I can get into this card ? Or is it just toasted now that it has that address ?    Any help would be appreciated.