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  1. CP1E with gsm modem

    Hi, Try with the link below, hope it will help you.
  2. Omron CJ1M -cpu12 - ETN - cennection

    Thank You all for help, I manage somehow to assume(after a lot tries) the IP adress and  it was so I can go online on PLC now. Thank You very much once more!!
  3. Omron CJ1M -cpu12 - ETN - cennection

    I have ERH red blinking all the time, so my Ip address is not correct. Is there any way to do master reset on Omron without connection on PLC??
  4. Omron CJ1M -cpu12 - ETN - cennection

    I allready try, I put my PC Ip adress to and subnet mask to node on PLC is set on 2 so PLC IP shold be and try to connect, but nothing happens. I tried to switch on Ethernet, Ethernet/IP , but could not connect...    
  5. Omron CJ1M -cpu12 - ETN - cennection

    Dear Sir, Thank You once more, I will tried it tomorow. Do i need to put DIP switch 5 to on position??
  6. Omron CJ1M -cpu12 - ETN - cennection

    Dear Sir, Thank You very much for answer. I'll definitely buy the cable, but is there any chance to communicate via ethernet port??
  7. Omron CJ1M -cpu12 - ETN - cennection

    Dear Gentlemen, I have used CJ1M - CPU 12 - ETN PLC. I m very new at Omron, so my question is: Can I connect from Cx-programer to PLC via integrated ethernet port or the peripheral port is only way(I do not have the communication cable)??  I know that integrated ethernet  acting like ETN 21 module, and that my last oct. of IP adress need to be set in node (transferd to hexadecimal).  Do I maybe need to use FINS and Cx integrator and how to setup my computer (cx programer) there???  Thank You very much in advance!!