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  1. Studio 5000 Task Monitor Comms IO Monitor

    Good afternoon again. My apologize for long delay in reply, it was one of those weeks  . First of all, thank you very much for looking in to the issue, I think it worth of adding some more details to it.
  2. Good day. We are currently trying to optimize one of our large projects to get the best scan time possible. We are using Studio 5000 Task Monitor to see what performance split we are getting. I found that I can't find any descriptions of the meaning of CPU usage pie chart. For instance, there is nothing to tell us, what does "Comms IO Monitor" sector means? It goes up and down when I change tasks priorities and timings for periodic tasks but I can't figure out what it does exactly. The only clear bit is "User Tasks" sector, what is pretty obvious. Could you please help me with this? I asked Rockwell Support here in UK but they were not really helpful with this. Any information/manual/link will be greatly appreciated. Regards Dimi