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  1. Analogue Micrologix 1100

    Thank you guys i'll have a look at it now
  2. Analogue Micrologix 1100

    Hi all im have a bit of drama with setting up a PID im using a Micrologix 1100 and expansion mod 1762-OF4 a telemecanique 0-10v ultrasonic sensor and a proportional valve 0-10v as I need the control the level of water in a tank what iv written isn't working i cant see any raw value on I:0.0 iv measured the out put of the sensor and im getting 0-10v out what am i missing please find attached some images    kind regards Glenn
  3. Analogue Micrologix 1100

    Hi Mickey thanks for the highlighting the addressing issue im get getting a figure on I:0.4 now but only briefly as the goes into fault mode again straight away would you be so kind as to paste a completed SCP instruction with the correct values applied as ive gone and got myself in a complete pickle    as always youre as star Mickey  Kind regards Glenn
  4. Communicating with old panelview plus

    have you tried connecting via RS232 instead of Ethernet 
  5. slc 500 migration

    ive used the ethernet adapter on the 503 in the past but the only draw back is 503s are obsolete im struggling to get the 505s any more if youre doing all this why not upgrade the processor? just a thought 
  6. panelview 550 auto test failing

    flash it and reinstall the software if it boots back up
  7. Powerflex 4M

    thank you for that detailed info it turns out the 22-SMC-232 is now obsolete and no longer available from many online stores, i use alot of powerflex 525's to read and wright data to and from the plc's via Ethernet using multihop and was hoping for a cheaper alternative as these drives aren't going to be doing a great deal but still wanted to be able to remote access them and the plc's write recipe parameters but buying an Ethernet adapter will put the price up into the 525 price range and im looking at buying 40+ units over the space of a year or so you can understand why id like to keep the price down   kind regards
  8. Powerflex 4M

    Hi all im trying to establish communication with a powerflex 4M via the DH485 port on the drive and using Drive explorer software I've downloaded from the Rockwell site on my laptop it doesnt look like these are Ethernet ready as i cant manually enter an IP address .... can anyone throw me a bone here? kind regards Glenn
  9. Hi im not as clued up as the wizard before me but im sure it can be done, i had the same trouble with CCW saying it couldnt add an AB PV 1000 to the project organizer but i got around it have a look below at the pic it may help you   
  10. Hi Gurus iv got a powerflex 0.37kw inverter 4M that needs to wind up paper on a reel it works fine with regards to start stop and speed control on pot, but i need to adjust the torque as my product is just snapping when there is to much tension ive had a look at the parameter lists and nothings jumping out at me please see parameter list attached if any one could help me id be very grateful    kind regards Glenn
  11. Torq settings Powerflex 4M

    Hi just a quick update if anyone out there is looking at this and wants to run a 4M inverter the way i do change parameter A453 that's set at factory default 8  to 1  this will allow the motor to stall and not go into fault mode
  12. Another Dumb newb question

    try this way with no scaling  setting J-type thermocouple to engineering units x10 that'll give you a true reading of the thermocouple to address there themocouple its I:x.X eg I:4.0    
  13. 2 PV800s controlling one PLC

    Thanks guys ive found another way to do it in CCW by setting the indicator tag the same as the write tag your input is much appreciated     
  14. Hi Guru's so today ive fitted a PV800 7" as a mirror of the original 10" PV800 but i have a problem, if i hit a maintained PB on either HMI the state will change from red (stop) to green (run) on that hmi but it doesnt change the state of the exact same button mirrored on the other HMI  am i missing something silly like a handshake?   as always any help will be awesome
  15. Hi Mickey sorry for the approach but youve helped me alot in the past and i was wondering if you could help again?


    kind regards Glenn

  16. Daisy chaining PV800's

    Thanks ever so much for the answering my question its much appreciated 
  17. Daisy chaining PV800's

    Hi Guru's i was just wondering if its at all possible to daisy chain a 7 inch PV800 on my existing 10 inch PV800? if so where do i start? as always any help will be greatly received    kind regards 
  18. Daisy chaining PV800's

    Hi thanks for the reply im trying to control one plc using two HMI's im also using TCPIP, i was wondering if a multistate push button would change state on both PV's  (ie change colour green to red..... run to stop) on both PV's when one is pressed?
  19. PV 800 and Camera

    Hi tech geniuses i was wondering if its at all possible to view a cctv camera image on this Allen Bradley PV800  2711R-T10T? iv got a process line 30 meters long and while the operators at one end of the line they'd like to view whats happening at the other end on the HMI?
  20. Hi sorry for the unorthodox approach but ive come across a one of your posts and id very much like to know if you had an example logic?

    any help will be greatly revived


    kind regards Glenn    


  21. Using a PID to control a digital output

    Do you have an example of the ladder Tconnolly?   kind regards Glenn  
  22. Thermocouple

    Hi wizards ive got a micrologix 1100 with a 1762 - ITV thermocouple expansion module on but im having trouble getting it to read the actual temp it a J type and is reading 1750 deg on I:4/0?? forgive me as im a newbie but after setting the parameters to J type in advanced config i thought it'd just be able to read the true temp. ive attached some screen shot of the logic and settings any help would be awesome
  23. Thermocouple

    ive not got that option any ideas?
  24. Thermocouple

    hi Mikey thanks once agin for the post ive got  Engineering Units x 10"(data format) that gives me a usable reading but if i divide it by 10 and put it on F8 itll read 1.8 if i store the raw data 18 deg on a f8 without dividing it gives me 18.0 but not 18.1, 18.2, 18.3 etc as the temps climbing it'll just go to 19 20 21 etc??