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  1. RS Logix

    Hi All just a quick question on RS Logix 500 versions after ive been reading a thread on here as i understand RS Logix Micro Lite can only communicate with MicroLogix 1000 and 1100 as this is a free download but this chaps got a paid version of RS Logix Lite that can communicate with ML1200 and above is this software the same but the comms door to more higher end PLC's opened just interested to see what you guys make of it
  2. Datalogic Vs2

    Ive tried breaking the common and im not sure how to send a message to the camera via ethernet from the micrologix 1100 im thinking i may need to use an optocouple to get out of this pickle im in 
  3. Datalogic Vs2

    Hi Guru's this is an odd ball question so thought id post it in here..... Ive got a DataLogic VS2 Vision Sensor and software that a can set up a good file of parameters and download to the vision sensor...... now heres the but there are multiple trigger modes to trigger the camera to take an image, please see image below. 1. Continuous  2. External Trigger Rising edge +3vDC - 24vDC 3. External Trigger Falling Edge 0v 4. Ethernet I'm only interested in the taking the image via the External Trigger Rising edge +3vDC - 24vDC as there is a sensor on our machine that gives a 24vDC output when the part is in position and id like to use the same output from this sensor as the rising edge trigger for the VS2 to take an image. but when i have it set to external trigger rising the camera does nothing ive tried multiple PSUs 5v thru to 24v and still cannot get it to trigger an image  Im using pin 8 red on the M12 8 pin lead as required as this is the external trigger   any help on this matter will as always be much appreciate
  4. Micrologix talking to Schneider Drive

    Cheers ill give that shot Kind Regards
  5. Guru's iv got a job of revamping one of our process lines and there are 10 off 0.55Kw pumps on this line, i was planning on using a ML1100 processor with 2 analogue 4 channel cards to control the speed of the pumps coupled with ultrasonic sensors in a pid loop to control water levels, Now here’s the question in stead of using the analogue cards i was wondering if i could communicate with these Schneider ATV320U06M2B Drives via the Communication module: Ethernet/IP ive done this before using a multihop in the ladder but i was reading and writing to a Allen Bradley 525 i want to achieve the same but read write to the Schneider drives. is this possible? as always any help will be gratefully received 
  6. High speed counters ML1100

    Hi Garry cheers for that I did have a browse about looking for a thread yesterday I didn’t see that... Back to the drawing board for me 
  7. Download program to Micrologix 1400

    Hi JGeis you need 2 pieces of software Rs Linx and RS logix now the RS Logix can be one of 2 versions depending on what the softwares written in eg RS Logix 500 or RS Logix 5000 ask the supplier to state what the program was written in.... now the softwares not cheap “many thousands” and then there’s the licensing, so if you don’t use the software all the time it will work out a lot cheaper for you to send the plc off to the supplier to re-install the program hope this helps
  8. Hi Gurus i understand the ML 1100  has 1 20Khz high-speed counter. The counter has four dedicated inputs ive got inputs I:0/0 and I:0/1 connected to an encoder and it counts away dream and i can see it displayed on HSC.0.ACC but how can i get Inputs I:0/3 and I:0/4 working for a second encoder? iv connected the second encoder and can see the inputs blinking on the ML 1100 so i think its an addressing issue how do i read those pulses ive made sure the filter in the I/O config is set low enough to read the pulses and set Mode to 7 in the function files   as always your help is much appreciated 
  9. Analogue Micrologix 1100

    Thank you guys i'll have a look at it now
  10. Analogue Micrologix 1100

    Hi Mickey thanks for the highlighting the addressing issue im get getting a figure on I:0.4 now but only briefly as the goes into fault mode again straight away would you be so kind as to paste a completed SCP instruction with the correct values applied as ive gone and got myself in a complete pickle    as always youre as star Mickey  Kind regards Glenn
  11. Analogue Micrologix 1100

    Hi all im have a bit of drama with setting up a PID im using a Micrologix 1100 and expansion mod 1762-OF4 a telemecanique 0-10v ultrasonic sensor and a proportional valve 0-10v as I need the control the level of water in a tank what iv written isn't working i cant see any raw value on I:0.0 iv measured the out put of the sensor and im getting 0-10v out what am i missing please find attached some images    kind regards Glenn
  12. Communicating with old panelview plus

    have you tried connecting via RS232 instead of Ethernet 
  13. slc 500 migration

    ive used the ethernet adapter on the 503 in the past but the only draw back is 503s are obsolete im struggling to get the 505s any more if youre doing all this why not upgrade the processor? just a thought 
  14. panelview 550 auto test failing

    flash it and reinstall the software if it boots back up