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  1. Thermocouple

    ive not got that option any ideas?
  2. Thermocouple

    hi Mikey thanks once agin for the post ive got  Engineering Units x 10"(data format) that gives me a usable reading but if i divide it by 10 and put it on F8 itll read 1.8 if i store the raw data 18 deg on a f8 without dividing it gives me 18.0 but not 18.1, 18.2, 18.3 etc as the temps climbing it'll just go to 19 20 21 etc??
  3. Thermocouple

    Thanks guys but Mickey you are a star thats just what it was but its now reading 18 deg C which is great but id like it to read 18.5 with a decimal??
  4. Thermocouple

    Hi wizards ive got a micrologix 1100 with a 1762 - ITV thermocouple expansion module on but im having trouble getting it to read the actual temp it a J type and is reading 1750 deg on I:4/0?? forgive me as im a newbie but after setting the parameters to J type in advanced config i thought it'd just be able to read the true temp. ive attached some screen shot of the logic and settings any help would be awesome
  5. ive just downloaded a simple push and go to config button but when i press the button on the pv it says write error TAG0001 controller address B3:0/0 communication flag is 0? any help would be great ive attached some pics of the setting ive entered etc     any help would be great thanks guys          
  6. Hi Joe E we meet again always a pleasure :0) thanks for that i think i maybe able to do it now
  7. Hi all ive got PV 800 here and a Micrologix 1100 and they dont seem to be compatible the link below says they are but when im in CCW and try add the ML1100 to the project via selecting an existing device or one out the catalog theres no ML1100 in the catalog and when i select the add existing tab, i can see my ML1100 in the connection browser so click it and get the following message the selected device 1763-L16DWD B/8.00 is not supported? If its not supported can anyone recommend a 7 or 10 inch hmi that is compatible and with free software as im already 600 notes down now  
  8. Powerflex 525

    hi joe i really appreciate all your help but my trick worked entering the IP and sub net address manually then discovering it in CCW
  9. Powerflex 525

    cheers Joe the thing is i cant get as far as it saying disconnected i wonder if i could set the IP address manually then get to it via ccw software by clicking discover or see if linx finds it??
  10. Powerflex 525

    Here's the recomended requirements to run CCW  Processor Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz or equivalent Intel Core i5 2.4GHz or equivalent RAM Memory 2 GB 8 GB or more Hard Disk Space 10 GB free 10 GB free or more Optical Drive DVD-ROM Pointing Device Any Microsoft Windows®-compatible pointing device   and im running  intel core I3 7th gen cpu @ 2.4GHz  12Gb RAM 1T hard drive 800GB space left   do you think this is the issue?  
  11. Powerflex 525

    yes it is as a usb drive if i click it or right click it it says system not responding after a min or 2 iv recently downloaded ccw micro800 controller 10.01 is this the problem? im running a win 10 64 bit os but the download said that it could handle that the links below 
  12. Powerflex 525

    Thanks ScottC joe but this still hasnt solved my issue as soon as i plug the usb into the laptop nothing responds ive change one of my hards drives from E to H as the doc says that itll use E thought there may be a conflict but no its still the same?? i really appreciate the doc scott and joe but ive been doing that to the word
  13. Powerflex 525

    hi thanks for the reply but i click your link its no longer there?
  14. Powerflex 525

    Hi all im trying to set up a powerflex 525, ive downloaded ccw. i plug the usb into the 525 and into the computer and nothing happens i expect to see an autoplay dialog box appear if i browse to the drive and select it there's a long wait before it says its not responding this is a brand new drive   any help will be much appreciated 
  15. conveyor speed

    please help