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  1. Received this question via PM

    Hi Steve, Thanks for the reply, I'm pretty sure I created a temp folder already and try to upload to it with no success but I'll try again. I also tried loading the laptop project to another 351 cpu and have no problems viewing it, downloading it to the cpu and uploading it back again to the laptop so I'm very confident the laptop folder and contents are not the problem.
  2. Received this question via PM

    Yes, sfc is installed on both computers. As a matter of fact I could upload similar programs with both laptops that have LM90 without any problems on other 351 cpu units
  3. Hi Steve,


    I noticed your name on a post related to a similar message I have:

    "Error during load; Program folder incomplete. Must reload or restore logic".

    In difference with the original post, I don't have lost of communication, my problem is that I'm trying to backup the contents of the cpu 351, I went as far as uploading the registers and the configuration but when I tried to upload the logic is when it fails and I get this message, obviously if I try all of them in one shot I got the same message. I'm using LM90 9.04 (DOS version), I tried using VersaPro but it doesn't understand the logic as it is comprised of part SFC and part ladder. I have use my laptop to backup many programs and never have this issue, as a matter of fact, I backed up another cpu 351 right after with no problems, I have also used other pc's with same results. My theory is that someone might have tried to connect with a newer version like Proficy ME and converted the logic so now LM90 cannot understand it. I've contacted GE already and they still haven't got back to me. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.

    LM90 error screens.pdf