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  1. Mitsubishi FX3G-40M Fast counters

    No im not doin it.
  2. Hello everyone, So I have ran into a problem, finished programming and attached all of the elements, everything is new and clean (cables,wiring, etc).  But now when I am testing the x , y cords [X0,X1/X3,X4] ( I am using 2 phase  fast counters), the cords are being crippled after few rides, the cords differ from the set ones aka 0 point, and within time the difference increases. like when i am doing first ride around and move it back to set point everything is fine same thing for 2nd time. But after like 3 times, when its driven back to set point the cords have changed by 1 or 2 ticks, or by -1 or -2. Left the program running for 4 days and the difference was 28 at 0 point on X and 8 at 0 point on Y. And the counting speed is kinda slow so that shouldn't be the issue. Checked everything for possible interruptions, placed spacers between the encoder signal contacts and other signals so there would be no interruptions. Made a prog that checks all impulses so i can compare them for any changes, but numbers stay the same. One thing i thought about is that the difference might be done by a spin out, tho not sure about it. At the moment I am out of ideas about what could possibly cause this... And wanted to ask if FX3G-40M fast counters have some kind of allowed mistake? Or I have missed something. PS. I am thinking about creating recalibration points, for example if it reaches X end switch, then cords what should be there are set. Is that a good idea?  Thank you in advance, Best wishes
  3. Mitsubishi FX3G-40M Fast counters

    Rough example: Im using them directly like,   < If (CN252 = D255)   ; than ; Reset = Q10;  Reset = Q11 ; > <If (CN252 < D255)) ; than; Set= Q10; Reset= Q11; > <If (CN252 > D255)); than; Reset= Q10; Set= Q11; > < If (CN253 = D355)) ; than ; Reset = Q12;  Reset = Q13 ; > < If (CN253 < D355)) ; than ; Set = Q12;  Reset = Q13 ; > < If (CN253 > D355)) ; than ; Reset = Q12;  Set = Q13 ; >
  4. Mitsubishi FX3G-40M Fast counters

    Yeah, I am using COUNTER32_M, with CC252 and  CC253 inputs,  and the CValue is set to 9999. And then using the CN252 and CN253 values.
  5. E1061 - Beijer Electronics

    Hello!  Wanted to ask if its possible to print a block/screen with E1061 to pc in a PDF? Or the only way with this one is to print directly with a printer? Haven't found any info about this, only the stuff in manuals about using only printers, thought maybe someone has any experience about this.
  6. E1061 - Beijer Electronics

    Ahh okay thanks for the info.
  7. E1061 - Beijer Electronics

    But does it affect the project itself? I think its more like program based when you can print out Vars and so on. But okay, I will give that a try, thanks.
  8. GX IEC Dev and FX3G

    Hello everyone! So i have been working for a long time on this project already,  turns out i need Z cords too. I have used bouth integrated 2 phase fast counters, but i dont have a clue on how to create a 2 phase counter for each pulse change manually. I know that i may use R_Trigger or F_Trigger which are used for setting and reseting, or PLSM and PLSF which seem a better idea because these catch any pulse changes and you just need to specify what changes in which pulse you want to use . But i wanted to ask for some sort of an example or anything. Been trying to figure this out, but had no success.
  9. GX IEC Developer

    Hello everyone.  This is my first time programming Mitsubishi PLC (FX3G), and especially on SFC. Im used to Siemens and Festo PLC programming and this is something new and more powerful. So im trying to create an automation project for an electric wire rope hoist. Till now i have done the main program features like what the program has to do and have set most of the conditions, programmed 3 analog signal registers for the axel postioning (X,Y,Z) and 4th for optical sensor register, used to mesure size of the segments. And this is the issue i have ran into, so the segments i want to create have to be based on cords of X,Y,Z.  So the idea i have but im unable to put it right in the program. This is just a quick scatch. //These ones are programmed and are funcional Defines// d1=X; d2=Y; d3=Z; d4=Size; d5=High; //Is the highest registered segment and ,has priority over others //This is what im willing to create using SFC blocks. //Registering and saving all of the segments based on position and fullness of specified segemnt, for comparing later on. //(d1-d1) ment to work like (d1=100 to d1=150) and (d2=100 to d2=150) to describe the size of area and the location. Seg1=[d1-d1,d2-d2,d4]; Seg2=[d1-d1,d2-d2,d4]; Seg3=[d1-d1,d2-d2,d4]; Seg4=[d1-d1,d2-d2,d4]; Seg5=[d1-d1,d2-d2,d4]; Seg6=[d1-d1,d2-d2,d4]; Seg7=[d1-d1,d2-d2,d4]; Seg8=[d1-d1,d2-d2,d4]; Seg9=[d1-d1,d2-d2,d4]; Seg10=[d1-d1,d2-d2,d4]; Seg11=[d1-d1,d2-d2,d4]; Seg12=[d1-d1,d2-d2,d4]; MoveToDrop=(d1,d2,d3); IfDrop=(d1,d2,d3); GetSegmentID=(d1,d2,d4)=(Seg1,Seg2,Seg3,Seg4,Seg5,Seg6,Seg7,Seg8,Seg9,Seg10,Seg11,Seg12); //Calls the location to show where its headed or to get position. MoveToSegement=(d1,d2,d3,d4) HighestSegment=(d5)  
  10. GX IEC Developer

    How may I access Addresses for ARRAY_OF_DUT ? In help you get  menu that shows the function blocks variables, and i need this really badly but have no clue how to open this menu.
  11. GX IEC Developer

    But it still requires a value, witch is compared to other values. I need a function which compares all values and on output gives the highest one.
  12. GX IEC Developer

    Does IEC DEV have a fcuntion,  like GET_G (Get_Gratest)?  Or anything similar to that? Example: //(In) D1=700; D2=730; D3=710; D4=790; D5=750; //(Func) CMP: D1=D2/D2=D3/D3=D4/D4=D5; D1=D3/D2=D4/D3=D5; D1=D4/D2=D5; D1=D5 //(Out) D4=790; Because only thing i found GT_E which is used for greater than but well i need an INT input and INT output and comparison between inputs not 1 specific input.
  13. GX IEC Developer

    A lot appreciated, already spent 2 hours to figure this out but no info on web or anywhere, so yeah gonna start testing the program right about now. PS: Was under Extras. Had 2047 out of 2047 Labels reduced label amount by 1 and all seems to work now.
  14. GX IEC Developer

    Umm with this... C9002:Error during Label Calculation. and F0073: Too few operands. Best part about these 2 is that when i am requesting to allocate the problem location, nothing happens.
  15. GX IEC Developer

    Aight well thanks for the help anyways. Decided to make the segment system without range, as it would probably cause issues when reaching the location, by pickin up other segment resources. Made it through a counter pointing to specific points where the segment center points are located at, meanwhile gathering info about the amount of resources at the segment. Just need to decide how to make the movement system, based on cords or free movement on requirement.
  16. GX IEC Developer

    So lets get back to the point of Segment creation on IEC Develpoer... How may I do it ?
  17. GX IEC Developer

    Well its updated to latest version but there is like an exe file that enables the file transfer really not an actual installer.     PS. Didn't have to struggle all this way just had to read. GXW3 has Precausions list where the first thing mentioned is that SFCs wont be imported.
  18. GX IEC Developer

    Not yet, but im aiming for it by looking for the cd with the additional installer for the IEC Dev file support.
  19. GX IEC Developer

    Thanks for the info. When im trying to import the program into GXW 2, I recive a warning saying that there is an SFC program in GX Dev project. Well it has to be SFC so now what ? I cant import an SFC program into GXW2?
  20. GX IEC Developer

    Now i recall why IEC Dev, as u told that GXW 3 should be used for programming the FX5 PLC which is more flexible and cheeper than FX3G, that was our plan at start too. But as i didnt have the GXW 3 a that point I used GXW 2 hopin that i will be able to transfer the project later to GXW 3 and use it on FX5. But it did turn out its not possible to transfer the project to GXW 3 and the only solution GXW3 provided was to run it on GXW 2. And a week later we made changes to another automative system and got a spare FX3G by that, we changed the plan to program it on IEC Dev. But so how am able to transfer the IEC Dev project to GXW 2 ? And yeah FX5 does not support SFC.
  21. GX IEC Developer

    Well at first I started to make it on GX Works 2 but cant recall why i stopped and switched to GX IEC Dev. Tho this has been a month of work, and are you sure that there is no point of continuing the project on GX IEC Dev?