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  1. GX Works 3 - Online Program Change fails

    This function will be improved in GXW3 v1.050.
  2. mitsubishi encoder pole detection method

    Hi Usually this operation is done in an external machine. I do not know if this is possible without this machine?
  3. CC-Link IE + C#

    Hi It is correct that the MR-JE-C supports MB TCP. Maybe the MR-J4-GF-RJ can be an option. It supports CC-Link IE Field and CC-Link IE Field Basic.  If you set up this servo in CC-Link IE Field Basic mode it can be controlled by a standard 100mb Ethernet port. It supports the CiA 402 drive profile (mostly).  But it depends on what kind of functionality you need. Take a look in the linked manual to get a better understanding of the setup and protocol.
  4. CC Link IE Field Basic

    In the last version of GX Works2 (1.576) the simple PLC communication is available for Q PLC's.
  5. SCADA for FX3U

    I agree, take a look at MAPS. Ver. 4 is brand new.