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  1. Hello, The problem refers to Festo servodriver. I have a Festo CMMO-ST-C5-1-LKP servodriver, I want to connect this to NX PLC via Modbus TCP. If I send a Modbus frame from the Festo controller in which I want to allow movement and unlock the brake, immediately after executing these commands, the controller issues error No. 47 "Modbus connection with master control" When I send a frame in which I want to reset this error (according to the documentation CCON.RESET = 0-> 1, CCON.ENABLE = 1), this happens the same: the error is reset but after a while again the same error appears. In the documentation this error is described: "The Modbus connection to the controller has been interrupted. Check the connection and perform a reset. - Resettable: Error can be reset immediately. Definable error reaction (s): B, C, D, E, F, G - For parameterisation as a warning: "The warning disappears." This description shows that communication is lost. But how is this possible since I can send another Modbus frame and it is received by the driver? In the attachment, documentation describing the bits of the Modbus TCP frame for this driver and a description of the errors. Bits which I send and I recive I see in the Festo Configuration Tool - the connection and control over this program does not cause any errors. Maybe I should also configure something in the Festo driver so that this error does not appear? Thanks in advance for your help. CMMO-ST-LK-HP_2017-05b_8071676g1.pdf