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  1. TIA Portal HMI Button Not working

    Hi, not sure if you are still seeking solution but regarding pictures you uploaded you set the bit when you press the button and reset it while you release button. So you get the short activation pulse while you keep the key pressed. Looking at your ladder code I don't feel like you want this kind of behaviour or? If you want to bit remain energized until you second press that same button best is to use the event InvertBit on Press button event instead of events Setbit-Resetbit. Hope I understood the problem and my solution helps you!   
  2. S7 300 Profibus fault

    I had a problem of profibus node going out of communication for very short time (matter of milliseconds). It wasn't a big deal in my system such short loss of comms so I called OB86 in my program to avoid going in to stop mode. Maybe this can help you. More about diagnostic with OB86 you can find here: https://support.industry.siemens.com/tf/WW/en/posts/rack-station-failure-and-ob86/27733?page=0&pageSize=10   My symptoms were same as yours but we never found out the reason why it went to stop..