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  1. Compactlogix PLC read/write data Excel via Ethernet/IP

    Thanks all, I don't know what is AdvancedHMI, I heard first time. I can learn but I have a question. Does AdvancedHMI need a license?  I will use it at the industrial system, license can be problem for me. 
  2. FactoryTalk Data Loging to Excel

    Thanks kaiser_will, I did your advise and added a picture example LOG list. I can see, save as csv format and open with excel, this is good  news for me.  I need another advise from you. I created 4 log tags and decribed as change on trig. in this case, only changed tag is logged. I want that if any  tag is changed, all 4 tags should be logged. because they 4 tags are a group for me.  if it is not possible, I will try something in the plc program.  Thanks in advance...
  3. Compactlogix PLC read/write data Excel via Ethernet/IP

    Hello AndrewG, I have inserted  the link of EthernetIP Excel Communication where is at bottom.  If you are available, you may check for me. http://plc2k.com/how-to-read-values-from-controllogix-l61-directly-in-excel/
  4. FactoryTalk Data Loging to Excel

    Hello, I am trying to do data logging to excel. I have created data module for 4 tags and logging looking like is ok but logging format is not undurstandable. I have added my logged file at the attached.  How can I see it as excel file and understandable? Log_periodic_1.log
  5. Read/Write Access DB

    Hello Shebin,   did you find a solution? I need a solution like you, if you found please share with me.   Thank you.
  6. Compactlogix PLC read/write data Excel via Ethernet/IP

    I added a zip file about communication between excel and controllogix. I have tried but it is not successful. maybe because of compactlogix.  do you have an idea? EthernetIP_Excel_Communication.zip
  7. Compactlogix PLC read/write data Excel via Ethernet/IP

    Thanks AndrewG, I have checked the links. First one is about rslink. Can do it withour rslink? Because, I have rslink and all rockwell software (studio5000,rslogix5000,factorytalk,rslink and license etc..) but some pc has no software and license. can I use as a free rslink, download on internet, I dont know is it possible? If possible, I want only excel & allenbradley. if rslink can be used free depend on permission of Rockwell, your first link is ok, I will try it. also the second link looking like same. But I have rslink classic lite, so it is not possible for me to use rslink dde/opc. 
  8. hello, I have Allen Bradley 1769-L27ERM Compactlogix CPU. I want to connect,communicaton, read and write data between PLC&excel via ethernet/IP.  I have found some things what is about controllogix plc & excel. I have tried it but it wasn't work with compactlogix, also I am not sure that it is work with controllogix. I need help, thank you...