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  1. Changes made to HMIGTO5310.doc
  2. CHUD, Thank you very much I have done the changes you advocated and the numbers work fine, only had to change my input ie., %MD4499 became %MD4500 and all other %MD numbers were changed simiarly. Regards Tony
  3. Thank you will try this next time I'm at my project. will keep you informed of the out come  Regards Tony   
  4. I'm struggling to get numeric display to show numbers above 65536 on HMIGTO5310  In the HELP INTEGRAL  I have followed the DINT   Bin   2's complement   32 bit input which should allow numbers -2147483648~+2147483647 range, how ever when the number reaches 65536 it stops and continues from zero counting up until the count stops. Then when counting down it counts from the stopped number until it reaches zero and the continue counting down from 65536. I have tried putting min = -2147483648 and max = +2147483647, but this doesn't work either? I can display any number up to 65536 My HMI software is v6.2.189 I can display any number above 65536 on runtime screen on the schneider(telemecanique)  PLC7 premium which the HMI is connected to? Can any body help me with this problem? regards Tony