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  1. PID Auto tuning in FX3U

    dear Shoaib   if you don't/can't use autotune, you will have to set the convenient parameters manually. autotune seems not so often implemented in traditional PLC. Depending on the PID loops, you have to consider to control loops from a separate device and make communication between this controller and the PLC. For light loops, a PLC should be enough.   Pierre
  2. Password crack for Fuji Electric UG330H-SS4

    dear cokoh2 of course the best way is to contact the manufacturer who developped the application. If he don't exist no more, please contact Hakko. Technically there's no problem to recover the application and replace the panel with a new one. The compatiblity is guaranted and even the panel cut dimensions. best regards
  3. Light SCADA request

    dear PArk Shin Hye make datalogging system with touch panel is Something very easy to do. I use to do it : our systems are gathering data : measures, events and alarms. Then we can display them in the same screen so that you can see the bad effect on the measure if an alarm occurs   

    Hello it is Something possible. We use to do it because barcode reader is almost same as keyboard. For label printer, if your panel is able to handle 'escape P' mode, it should work. that's something very traditionnal for industrial panel. best regards