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  1. Compare data RS232

    so if i want to convert D1000 to ASCII string (data is "ST,+00152,03  g") to +00152,03 or 00152,03 what function can i use it? 
  2. Compare data RS232

    Halo, my name is Riandanu, I connect PLC Omron CP1E to weighing scale, and its done. i think i dont have problem between PLC and weighing scale. And i want to ask about, how to compare value from weighing scale ?  example : from the picture you can see value of weighing scale is " ST,+00160.66  g", and i want to compare it with 180 or 150 to give output on to lamp. Thankyou Riandanu       PLC to ek-i.cxp
  3. CP1E RS232 communication to my weighing

    Finally i can transfer data from my weighing scale and this is my final file of cx programmer. thank you for helping me. PLC to ek-i.cxp
  4. CP1E RS232 communication to my weighing

      mending pake bindo aja ya bang kita bales komennya haha. Sorry for late response. i attached a file of my cx programmer, i just follow this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgKNIoM9gTE if i click print in my weighing scale, indicator comm1 is blinking but if i check memory of plc, the data cant save it to memory. setting of RS232 communication of PLC and weighing scale is same what should i do next? PLC to ek-i.cxp PLC to ek-i.opt PLC to ek-i.cxp PLC to ek-i.opt
  5. PC send data to PLC

    Sorry for my late response, its my .cxp file, send data from PC to Omron CP1E i think its no problem, but if i send data from PC and i check data in plc memory, its no same and didn't change. Thank you PC to PLC edit.cxp
  6. CP1E-N30DT with Hyperterminal PC

    if i use CP1E-N30DT, what file can i use it?
  7. PC send data to PLC

    Hello, i'm newbie for plc. i want to ask about PC/computer send data to PLC CP1E with serial communication (RS232). my wiring cable is: PC                         PLC 2                             2 3                             3 5                             9 4&6    7&8                               4&5 and if i send data from PC to PLC, my indicator in COMM is blinking. i think the cable have no problem. but if i send data from PC to PLC, the memory is not same as what i send and whatever i send data, the memory didn't change. i will attach my ladder diagram. what should i do?    New folder.rar
  8. CP1E-N30DT with Hyperterminal PC

    can you screenshot the ladder diagram? i don't know how to create ladder diagram for rs232 communication.  thank you.
  9. CP1E RS232 communication to my weighing

    hello, i want to connect CP1E to EK300i (weighing scale) with RS232 communication. i attach file of datasheet ek300i, wiring CP1E to ek300i and my cx programmer. if i push send data on ek300i, com LED indicator in CP1E is on. and i dont know why my cx programmer can't change data of memory with data from ek300i? what should i do?   ek300i.pdf CP1E to EK300i rs232 communication (belum dicoba).cxp CP1E to EK300i rs232 communication (belum dicoba).opt wiring rs232 ek300i to CP1E (belum dicoba).txt
  10. OMRON NJ Modbus TCP Slave ID

    are you connect the plc omron to MB3170 without computer? and do you have a tutorial to connect mb3170 to PLC omron without computer? thanks
  11. Hello guys, i want to connect my CP1e-N30DT to modbus device like weighing scale, but i try to searching modbus with RTU but all of them use function block, i dont understand and i think my device cant use a function block.  Can you help me for connect CP1E to modbus device for get a holding register(4xxxx),input register(3xxxx), coil(0xxxx) and input status(1xxxx) with cx programmer? thank you 

    i use rs232 communication to Zebra Printer or Barcode scanner, what HMI can i use for that? thank you

    HELLO, i want to ask. Can HMI connect to Non PLC device(example: zebra printer,Barcode Scanner or Weighing scale) using rs232 ? if can, can you suggest me what type of HMI that can connect to Non PLC device Using rs232 communication? thank you, have a nice day....
  14. HMI and Weighing Indicator

    nah im not sure about that, but in this link https://www.myomron.com/index.php?action=kb&article=1538 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFnNvZmEWX8 , HMI NB7W can connect to non plc. i just want to try connect my weighing indicator connect to HMI because im doing research about weighing indicator. thank you
  15. HMI and Weighing Indicator

    i try use com 1 to PLC omron and its working, but i want to try com 2 to connect to weighing indicator via modbus RTU rs485 but the output is "2] PLC No Response: 00-01-2"