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    Finally i can create write multiple register, i just follow the pdf you give me. I want ask, how to read data (read input register and read holding register) real time or in data memory always display the real time data? 

    I done test with modbus master, and if i use function code (0x10), i can do write and read the register at the same time. how about the ladder diagram?

    okay i will test it with software, i will tell you about progress later

    How to check my slave device can receive modbus command 16(10 Hex)? i use CP1E

    Hallo my name is Danu, i have a CP1E wirh CP1W-CIF11 and connect to modbus RTU device, i have done with write single coil, write single register,  read single register and read multiple register. But i try to write multiple register,  the indicator of CP1W-CIF11 is off and if i check d memory its no data. I attached my cx programmer. Can you help me create write multiple register in cx programmer?  Thank you AD4402-modbus edit edit edit edit edit.cxp
  6. PC send data to PLC

    sorry for my late response, if the indicator rs232 in cp1e is on, why a932.06 is always off if i send data or not? how to solve it? Thank you
  7. Omron's CP1E-NA Using Mobus-RTU Easy Master FUnction

    this is my cx programmer connect from indicator weighing scale to CP1E, please check it MODBUS RTU.cxp Modbus_Application_Protocol_V1_1b3.pdf
  8. How to connect omron CP1E with modbus RTU

    Finally i can use the modbus all of them, Thank you and have a nice day
  9. How to connect omron CP1E with modbus RTU

    can you explain me about function of memory d1302,d1303,d1304,d1305 ? i know this cx programmer for input register, because i still confused for coil, input status, and holding register how to use it in cx programmer? coil work like switch, holding register is to write and read data, input status is like output lamp (indicator lamp) Thankyou
  10. How to connect omron CP1E with modbus RTU

    this is the result of your cx programmer and i change D1303 to #0005 and D1304 to #0006  . the 4402 show the value of scale is 20,68kg modbus coba coba euy V 4.cxp
  11. How to connect omron CP1E with modbus RTU

    sir, the problem is change value the memory just <1 second so i can't print screen the memory, how to show the value for >1 second ?
  12. How to connect omron CP1E with modbus RTU

    example: 5 second still "0" after that output is "1234" after < 1 second back to "0". i just want the output "1234" stay >1 second
  13. How to connect omron CP1E with modbus RTU

    i think cx programmer is work, and the output is in memory d1355 or more. but i have a question, why the output is just <1 second and after that back to "0", how to repair that? thank you
  14. How to connect omron CP1E with modbus RTU

    i try your ladder diagram and i change wiring SDA- to A and SDB+ to B or SDA- to B and SDB+ to A is connected and indicator of com in CP1w-cif11 is on. yesterday i think the wiring is wrong and now is correct. but now if i check in memory d1305-d1349 it's cannot change (Screenshot_27.png), what should i do? if i want to display data address 3,5,7, is it already correct my cx programmer? Thank you     modbus coba coba euy V 3.cxp
  15. How to connect omron CP1E with modbus RTU

    i done use RDA- <--> SDA & RDB+ <--> SDB or RDA- <--> SDB & RDB+ <--> SDA and i use this cx programmer, but the a641.00 value is not 1 but the a641.02 value is 1 and if i check memory a641.02 is 90. what should i do now?   modbus coba coba euy (2).cxp