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  1. So i tried every comm path i had available on who active without Success. Any suggestions?
  2. Thanks for the quick reply but the plc is not in run mode and i tried the little reset button but still have the error  
  3. I have a new plc and am trying to connect the first time on power up.  I have done this many times before but now am having an issue that I do not understand.  When attempting to connect the first time I am using my usb connection in RSwho active and selecting the processor.  When attempting to upgrade the firmware I am getting an error stating" Failed to begin update to the target device.  The target device is not in the proper mode to accept an update." its error message 11006  .  I have the switch to program mode, I reset the power a couple times and still no success.  I cannot clear a flashing red light on the plc ok status light but i think its because there is no program in the plc yet.  what am I missing??  i added the pics of the error messages.