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  1. S7 300 Profibus fault

    Dear Patch1, Shielding is thoroughly verified and has been connected externally with Ground. This problem, sometimes arises within minutes while at other times after some hours. There is no specific pattern of time or operation, that's why its causing us head ache. 
  2. S7 300 Profibus fault

      Below is the fault detail of diagnostic buffer   Event 9 of 211:  Event ID 16# 39C4 Distributed I/Os: station Failure Address of the affected DP slave: station number:   17 DP master system ID:      2 Log. base address of the DP slave: Input address:  8170 Log. base address of the DP master:   8191 Requested OB: Rack failure OB (OB86) Priority class: 26 External error, Incoming event 08:16:49.888 AM  12/10/2017   Regards, Danish Abbasi
  3. S7 300 Profibus fault

    Dear Jairus, We have the software. We have checked Diagnostic Buffer 100 times.One node node goes off for just a moment, hardly for a milli second & then comes back, checked through Diagnostic Buffer. This happens sometimes in a hour, sometimes in 6-7 hours. We have replaced all modules of that particular node but the problem is persistent. I will upload the diagnostic buffer in a while.
  4. S7 300 Profibus fault

    Dear All, We are in need of your expert opinion. One of the nodes of our Crane's Cabin gives a station failure problem, due to which whole Crane shuts down. we have done everything from replacing Dp connectors to changing Profi cables, swapping modules with other stations, changing Power supplies but the problem remains the same. Following are the system details, 1. CPU S7 319 F3 fail safe 2. IM 153 interface module 3. OLM module for signal conversion fibre to profibus from main CPU.   We have several nodes after OLM but fault was persistent with 3 nodes. After comprehensive working, it came down to just one but still not diagnosed. I will also upload the diagnostic buffer if needed.