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  1. Allen Bradley 1746 specs frustration

    Thank you Steve. This is good info. But really my concern is that if vendors can't get specs right, how often is time and money wasted on ordering the wrong item? Do you run across vendors with incorrect specs often?
  2. Is it common for vendors to list the wrong specs for products? I bought a 1746 IV16 on eBay dirt cheap because it was listed as being a digital sourcing input module. When I go to , it agrees with this. I've only checked two other vendors, and they both have contrary info listed. says it receives analog via current or voltage, and says it's a digital sinking module. Oh, and the text I'm teaching this from by Rehg and Sartori have it listed in a table of "discrete i/o modules" and call it a sinking module. Im assuming that qualitrol, eBay, Rockwell, and the text have it right that it receives digital and not analog inputs. But the text and qualitrol may be wrong in their labeling it a sinking one and not a sourcing one as Rockwell and eBay (not usually my most trusted source) have it listed.  In the end, it was $8 and I don't care if it isn't what I thought it was, but in your experience, do you find such wild inconsistencies in specs? Thanks!