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  1. SUCOS PS316 connection issue

    Dear forum,  Is there anyone out there with some experience from old Kloeckner Moeller PLCs? I am in need of connect to a SUCOS PS316 and I have found out that I need the original non compiled program code which I have, the programming software ms-dos based Sucosoft S30 and a converter cable from rs232 and rs485 original from kloeckner moeller (UM 1.5-1). I have used both a new computer with VMware and windows 98 and also an old IBM computer with original win98 installed. What I found out is that you need to use 9600 baud rate, no parity, 8 bits and 1 stop bit, xon/xoff OFF.  The problem is that I do not succeed to connect. Every attempt I do I just get “DATA TRANSFER ERROR”. I have also tried different settings for baudrate and parity plus direct rs 232 cable without any luck. I made the settings both in windows and also with mode command in ms-dos. What I can see there is no possible settings to be done in the programming software more than choose correct com port. Anyone have any experience from this old system and have an idea what I am missing and/or doing wrong? Thanks in advance!